Best friends with Mori, Has known Tamaki for years, Has a crush on Kaoru, Honey is crushing on her. What girl wouldn't want that? 1st year Lacey Lovelace is a 'commoner' who got into Ouran Academy for being an honors student. She moves next door to Haruhi when she transfers. She stumbles upon the host club when trying to get away from some bullies. When Tamaki's eyes meet hers he instantly recognizes her. That same day she goes into debt with the host club. But she can't be a host so what will the boys have her do? Something's bound to happen. But with who? ©2014


1. The Host Club

This story starts one day as I walk down the halls of Ouran Academy. Suddenly someone trips me and I fall flat on my face.

They laugh, "Hey 'commoner'! Why don't you watch where your going," a tall boy cackled.

I stood back up, "why don't you stop tripping me every time I walk by you?"

He laughs again as he comes close to my face, "in your dreams."

I roll my eyes as I start to walk away, then something happened that I never thought would at this school.

The boy punched me, right in the eye.

I feel my eye close and swell.

I feel something dripping down the side of my face.


I ran from the scene until I came to a room marked 'music room #3'.

I don't hear any music so I think it's empty.

I open the door, out comes sparkles, bright lights, and Rose pedals.

All I hear is, "welcome to the host club."

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