Best friends with Mori, Has known Tamaki for years, Has a crush on Kaoru, Honey is crushing on her. What girl wouldn't want that? 1st year Lacey Lovelace is a 'commoner' who got into Ouran Academy for being an honors student. She moves next door to Haruhi when she transfers. She stumbles upon the host club when trying to get away from some bullies. When Tamaki's eyes meet hers he instantly recognizes her. That same day she goes into debt with the host club. But she can't be a host so what will the boys have her do? Something's bound to happen. But with who? ©2014


2. A Crush On Kaoru Hitachiin

Standing in front of me was a group of boys.

I stared blankly with the one eye I could use.

I feel so dizzy.

And with that I black out.


I wake up in someone's arms.

The boy has orange/reddish hair and brown eyes.

He was looking up at another boy, his twin. They were talking, but I could hear them.

His twin looked at me, "She's awake."

Suddenly I'm surrounded by a group of boys. I look at all of there faces until I see a face that I never thought I'd see again since he moved away from France.


I'll deal with that idiot later.

I look back at the boy holding me, he has a smile and sweet look on his face.

"I'm Kaoru Hitachiin," he says sweetly, "what's your name?"

Another boy answers before I could, "I believe this is Lacey Lovelace she's a 1st year honors student. She's a commoner just like Haruhi.

Kaoru gives him a stern look, "I wasn't asking you Kyoya!"

Kyoya shrugs.

Then I touched my eye and flinched.

"Oh! Is that still hurting you?! Here let me help!" Says Kaoru as he pulls out some ointment.

He puts some on his finger and gently rubs it over my eye.

"Will she be okay Kaoru-chan?" Asks a little boy who looks to be no older than 5.

Kaoru smiled and patted the boy's head, "she'll be fine Honey."

Kaoru kisses my forehead before helping me up.

I think I'm falling for him and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

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