i wish i knew

Just read it i guess ;3


1. love at first sight

  One day as i was crossing down the '' flooded'' rainy street , i caught a glimpse of a handsome young man helping out a little girl. Tears and sadness filled her face.

'' I wanna go home! I'm sleepy ad hungry'' the little girl says.

'' We'll go then if you really want but we won't be able to get you the shoes you wanted'' he says

He seemed quite young and gentle. I felt a weird sensation running down my spine as if i got the chills or something. I was at least 7 feet away from these two peope.

'' C'mon Darcey lets go get you some food first before we go home. What do you wanna eat?''

'' Niall, can you please take me to nandos?''

'' Sure! ''

They dissapear in the rain and little fogg upon the street. Such a beautiful little girl she is and a handsome guy with such a kind heart he has. His name is Niall i'm guessing, thats what '' Darcey'' the little girl called him. I wonder if thats his child.... but i shouldn't worry about that. I feel my heart pounding so hard i don't know what to do. I walk towards the street they headed in and bump into someone.

'' Oh my lord! I'm so sorry i didn't see you there'' i say as i fall backwards

'' Don't be i shouldve payed attention'' a voice says while this persons hand comes towards me as if they were helping me up.

'' It's fine , it's my fault i shouldve payed attentio instead of daydream''

I realize that it's that man with the little girl ''Niall''

'' What an adorable little girl you have '' i say.

'' I'm her babysitter but thank you though''

So he's a babysitter... good enough for me!

'' Well excuse myself i must be holding you back , uhh thanks for helping me up though''

'' No biggie , hopefully we run into eachother agian'' he says with a smile

Holy Shit... i think i'm in love with him. His accent was so precious and perfect. My heart is beating so fast. I think this is love at first sight for me.u 

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