1D and 5sos imagines

I'm making one direction imagines just comment
Your name:
What shall happen:
What boy:


2. stella & niall (dirty)

"really Niall really" I shout at him. I just saw a picture in the news paper where you can see Niall kiss a blonde girl. "Stella i'm sorry I was drunk I-I didn't know what I was doing" "Niall its just...wait if you were drunk how can you remember?" "eeeh...Harry told me I slept at his place" "oh really so it wouldn't matter if I called him now" his eyes widened. I quickly ran into the bathroom and dialed Harrys number "its harry" "hey harry its Stella I just called to ask did Niall sleep at yours last night" "nope he didn't why did something happen?" "look in the news papers then you'll see thanks Harry" "your welcome love" I barged out of the room where I found Niall with his head in his hands "i just called Harry you didn't sleep at his" "honey im sorry I didn't mean it I don't know what I do when im drunk, can you forgive me?" "yes, but never EVER do it again" "i promise" he walked over and kissed me hard and passionate. i could feel his hands travel down my body. he looked up "lets take this one up stairs" he said with lust in his voice. we walked upstairs to our bedroom as soon as we came there we started kissing again. he pushed me lightly down on the bed. we started to strip down until we were in our underwear. he found the bra clasp and opened it and took it off. he started massage my boobs while kissing me passionately. he went down and started to rub my slit I began to moan loud "Niall please" he took two fingers and started fingering me. "NIALL I-I need yo-ou inside me" "as you wish princess" he took of my underwear and he took of his boxers. he positioned himself at your entrance teasing "NIALL PLEASE" he slammed hard into me and we both started moaning "harder, faster" he obeyed and went harder faster and deeper hitting my g-spot at every thrust. "I-I-Im about to cum" "me too princess on three 1-2-3" I felt his warm liquid inside me as I came on him. he slid out and laid down beside me and kissed me "i love you Stella" "I love you too Niall" and we bot fell asleep laced in each others arms.


(a/n sorry if its bad its my first time writing dirty)

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