1D and 5sos imagines

I'm making one direction imagines just comment
Your name:
What shall happen:
What boy:


1. morgan & niall imagine

"NIALL I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU" I screamed I just saw a picture in the magazine of Niall kissing a brown haired girl "YOU CAN TRUST ME she kissed me please" he tried to touch my hand."DON'T!" "but I love you don't leave me please" " I cant I just don't want too live someone who have cheated on me" I ran out of the house "great its raining" I sat into my car.

"please I love you, your small petite body, your blond hair your blue eyes I love everything about you Morgan please don't leave" I stood out of my car " did she kiss you not you kissed her" "yes she kissed me" he walked over to me " I love you" "I love you too" he kissed me. there we was kissing in the rain.


A/N: hope you like it its my first imagine :)


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