1D and 5sos imagines

I'm making one direction imagines just comment
Your name:
What shall happen:
What boy:


4. claire & harry imagine

today im getting married to my lovely husband harry. i got out from my bath and now my friends shall help me getting ready."Claire lets start getting you ready" my best friend said.they started curling mu hair and making it an half up half down hair do. the applied my makeup. i looked my self in the mirror, i looked stunning. i got in my dress wich was an white strapless mermaid gown with Swarovski crystals all over it and an Swarovski crystal belt, it also had Swarovski embroidery. when i was done i put my shoes on and sat into the limo (that was white) when we came to the church everyone was inside. i stood behind the door, my heart beated really fast. they opened the doors and i walked in. i could see harry stood with tears in his eyes and had a big smile on his face. when i was at the priest he started talking. when we came to the important thing: saying yes. i smiled a lot. "Harry Edward Styles would you like to take Claire as your wife and be by her side to death do your par" "yes" Claire Y/M/N Y/L/N would you like to take Harry as your husband and be by his side to death do yor part" "yes" "you may now kiss the bride" we both leaned in and i felt bombs and firework....like always. when we were done all i could think was: i married my true love, Harry Edward Styles.


(A/N: sorry if the writing is bad but hope u like it)


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