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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

©Copyrighted 2014
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3. Shutting out.

*Ashton's POV*

Michael walked in. "Buddy, I'm sorry they get out of control.."

I nodded no. "It's my own my damn fault.."

"No, why are you saying that?! No it isn't!"

I looked at him, it looked like he knew I was crying. He stepped closer, and set his hand on my shoulder. 

"Hey, listen I got to go.. I can just walk, it's around the corner"

I rubbed my eyes. "Okay." And just collapsed on my bed.

"Get some sleep," he said looking back and turning off the light. 

I sighed. "I'll try.."

I looked out the dim-sky. Why am I friends with the girl I love? I closed my eyes. I doubt she even sees me as more than a friend anymore.

I grabbed my phone off of my bedside table. I plugged my skeleton earbuds in, and unlocked my white iPhone. I logged onto YouTube, and looked up random videos. YouTube made me forget about anything that was on my mind. Music blasted through the earbuds. "Ashton! Ashton! Open your door!" Someone yelled from the other side of my wooden door. The person banged on my door repeatedly. 

I slowly trudged off of my bed and to the door. I carefully opened the door, and right in front of me was Calum.

My face tensed "What do you want?," I asked,

He scrunched his eyebrows, and went to normal again. "Listen, I'm sorr-"

"Sorry isn't good enough!" I yelled.

"How would you like it if I told Quinn?" I yelled again.

"I wouldn't really like it.." 

"Yeah! Exactly! That's exactly how feel!"

He was quiet and walked off.  "Yeah you better go. Tell Luke I mad him as much as I am with you!" I slammed the door.

I walked back to my bed and plugged back my earbuds. I put on Oh, Calamity! by All Time Low, I just wanted to listen to some kind of music.

I got interrupted from at text.


Hey r u ok? :)

I continued watching my video. But, she was worried? No, I doubt it. I just texted back,

I'm fine :)

I stared at the text, over and over. I finally stopped and set my phone down on my nightstand. 

I trudged downstairs, mom wasn't home yet. I got a glass of water, and drank up. I gagged when the last drop was in my stomach. Bleah.

I went in the living room put the old-kind Spiderman in my Samsung flat-screen.

I got at the stupid scene where Mary-Jane and him kiss, I shut it off. No more Spiderman tonight.

I went back in my room. I looked around looking at what I should do. I looked at my drums, and hesitated to go near...

I took a look at my phone, ugh, another text. It was Kylie.

R u sure? U seemed pretty upset.. :(

I kept reading it, I am upset. I suddenly jumped when my door banged. 

"Hey, Ash! I'm home!" It was my mom. 

"Hi mom!" I yelled back.

I sat up and walked to my door. I opened it a crack.

"Oh my god! Ashton Fletcher!" 

"What?" I rubbed my neck.

"Have you been.. Crying?"

"What? N-No!" I hesitated

She messed up my hair, "You hesitated,"

"No. I. Did. Not!" I fixed it.

She kissed my cheek, "Go to bed, it's past 12"

 I sighed, "Fine."

I gently shut my door, pulled my shirt off and put my wool sweats on then jumped in bed.


I woke up to my phone vibrating in my hands. It wasn't an alarm it was Michael.

"H-Hello?" I stuttered, still sleepy.

"Where are you? Everybody's wondering!"

I took a look at my Avengers clock. Past twelve, shit.

"I didn't feel like it today.." 



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