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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

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13. She's probably jeally...

Kylie's POV

"Hey Ash!" I yelled. I ran up to him and grabbed his hand. His head turned around, and smiled.

"Hey Ky." He said intertwining our fingers. He kissed my cheek and started walking again, with me by his side.

"So how are you feeling?" I asked him. The cuts on his face were healing, and he had a band-aid on his forehead.

"I'm fine. How about you? How's the hair?" He asked me. At the mention of the word 'hair' Ashton stroked my hair with the hand that wasn't intertwined with mine.

"It's... Fine." I mumbled.

"Oh my god! Look Ky! There's a new club!" Ashton pointed to a sign on a locker. On the flyer it said; 'Insane Elevation. A music club. We except everyone. Starts today a 3 o'clock. Every Thursday for a semester. Meet in the Music Room' "We should join!" Ashton whisper-yelled into my ear. I smiled happily, "Yeah!"

My hands were starting to get sweaty, we separated to get our stuff from our lockers on the opposite sides of the hall. I grabbed my 'homeroom journal' be cause stupid Ms. Amblet wanted us to keep journals to keep our lunch choices in. It's pretty stupid.

Anyways, Prom was coming up, and nobody knows who Laura is going with, She said she wants to go with Ethan Albers, Drake (yeah that touchy, feely guy), an she says a million times more people. But what bugs me, is she's starting to talk to Luke. I mean sure, I'm not dating him or anything, but still, it gets on my nerves, he's my friend, and I'm afraid she'll go with him. But Luke, I know him, he wouldn't go with Laura, he said he hates sluts, so that's a good thing.

Ash and I walked to homeroom, I feel like I knew him forever, but I didn't. I met him in the first year of Junior High, when he wore glasses, I don't know when he stopped wearing them. They weren't nerdy, they were.. Cute. And he used to wear a lot of bracelets, more than I can count. I never really asked him why he wore so many, I thought it was a phase or something.. But now he doesn't wear any. He's changed a lot since the past six years, I bet I have too, but you know what people say, 'You never really notice your own changes..'.

Ms. Amblet walked in. She did her usual routine, threw the clipboard on her desk, does attendance, reads the lunch choices, makes us write down what we are going to have for lunch then let us go for our first period class. 

Lunch came faster than usual. They had chicken nuggets, you see, when they have chicken nuggets as a lunch choice, they don't last long.. So everybody tries to get as many as possible because they are the only things that are appetizing here. Besides grilled cheese. 

When I walked out I saw that everybody had chicken nuggets. I guess we had enough for everyone.

I sat where we usually sit. Everybody was chatting about Laura, ugh. 

"I don't like her at all," Skyler said disgusted.

"I don't think anyone does.." Michael said glancing at Luke then looked back at his food.

"I dunno why she keeps talking to me." Luke said fixing his lip ring.

I cleared my throat, "Luke, what does she talk to you about?"

He sighed, "She talks about you..."

I smiled, I totally knew that.

Ashton nudged me with his elbow, "Hey, it's alright.."

"I know. I just can't believe she hates me this much."

Bailey stepped in, "I'm pretty sure she doesn't hate you, I think she's just jeally."

"She probably hates you because she's jealous of you.." Calum smiled.

"Jealous about what?" I asked in surprise.

"Ashton," everybody sighed.

Ashton looked confused, "What? Why do you say that?"

"Well, she's captured you and told Kylie she took you." Luke laughed.

"Yeah, whatever.." he sighed getting up.




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