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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

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18. Prom Night pt.1

Kylie's POV

Laura's teeth were clenched together. Fists, were white. And I could almost see steam coming out her ears. She was beyond mad.

-x-Earlier that day-x- 

"It's not like I ever meant to hurt her.." I sighed as a perfect curl fell from the iron Bailey was holding.

"I'm pretty sure she's over-reacting. She usually likes a guy for a couple weeks, then moves on.." she smiled wrapping an other piece around the iron.

"This has been going on for three months!"

It was five, and the "party" didn't start for another 2 hours. All was silent, Skyler, Michael's date, Kat and Calum's date, Quinn. Sitting on a bench behind us.

Quinn was wearing a blush coloured dress that was a ballroom princess gown. A simple push-up with curls and blush coloured heels.

Skyler was wearing a short, light blue dress that looked like Tinkerbell's with sparkly heels, and smoky eye-shadow. And hair curled just above her shoulders.

Kat was wearing a purple dress that dragged on the floor behind her, black high heels with a bow on the toe, and her hair was in a simple bun. Cos she's a simple girl and she can pull it off.

Bailey, black dress, ash coloured heels and her long blonde hair was curled and in a mid-high pony-tail.

Me, on the other hand. Was in sweatpants and her Mayday Parade shirt she stole from Bailey, wearing socks, and hair pulled into a horrible messy bun. Attractive.


Michael was the first to arrive at Bailey's house. Gasping when he saw Kat, put on the Corsage on Kat's wrist and embraced into a hug. It was cute.

Bailey looked at me wide-eyed and immediately pulled me downstairs.

Looking through the storage room, she found her big sister's prom dress. 

Twenty minutes later, I came upstairs seeing Ashton smile, his usual curly hair was there but not that drummer-style he has.

He was wearing a plain, black-grey suit that had a bandanna replacing the handkerchief in his pocket, then a Boutonniere on the other side of the jacket, and Oxford's replacing those black Vans he usually wore. 

 He kneeled as he put on the Corsage on my wrist as Michael did to Kat, and kissed me on the cheek, "You look beautiful." he smiled.




We all headed to the school in style, with a limo. The eight of us (even Drake..) walked in and all of the seniors were there. Dancing, laughing, kissing, talking. Like all the other proms of high-school, I instantly knew this was a trick.

Laura was sucking face with Ethan Albers in the corner where surprisingly nobody was. Fugly slutbag.

Ashton was on the other side of the whole gymnasium, talking to the DJ. Kat, Michael, Bailey, Luke, Skyler and... Drake were all dancing with their partners. Ashton finally came over a pecked me on the cheek, smiled then bowed. "Shall we dance?" I blushed as I took his hand. "Sure..!"

Sooner or later, the Prom Queen and King had to come up. I instantly knew that Laura was going to win.

Ms.Winslow, the Vice-Principal came up on the stage. She pulled out a card that rounded up the ballots. She made an unsure look before saying; "Well, these aren't  contestants, but here we go."

"-The winner of the Prom King and Queen of Northwest Sydney High is... Kylie Rallison and Ashton Irwin!"

My knees went weak, face went cold. I looked around and all the senior faces were turned on me, angry, confused, and annoyed.

What the hell? Why would anyone vote for me?

Ashton looked overjoyed, slightly tugging my arm, urging me to come up with him. And so I did.


A/N: Hey guys!! Long time no see right!? Well, there is another part to this, but this part is sucky cos I did it in a hurry. I sound pretty lame right now, so I'll go.



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