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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

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6. Lunch With The Sluts


*Kylie's POV*

The bell rang, and all you could hear were chairs being thrown to the floor. I stood up from my metal chair. I trudged out of the classroom. I really miss Ash. I miss him smiling at me from his seat in the back of the room. I miss him mocking the teacher during our classes together. I miss him laughing during lunch. It's been three weeks. Hope hasn't answered any of my text, calls, or my constant IM's.

My books were weighing me down, and I felt as if I could collapse to the floor at any moment. "Kylie! Wait up!" I heard high heels click against the tile of the hallway. "Kylie! Don't run away from your best friend!" The clicking got closer and closer.

"What?!" I turned around and saw Laura Grant stand right in front of me. She stood there in her booty shorts, and crop top. 

"We need to go!" She squealed. He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me into the girls bathroom. Her fake smile turned into a devilish smirk. "Now we're going to play a game. Okay? Okay. So I'm going to ask you various questions, Your going to answer them, and if you lie or give me a lame ass answer... Then you'll be punished." She pushed me down to the green tiled floor, and her pose started to record my every move.

"Um...Okay." I gulped. Laura turned her back to me, and grabbed a egg. 

"Now... Question One. Do you like Ashton? Not as a friend but as more than a friend?" Laura smiled her evil smile.

"No." I gulped down my words. Why did I lie to her? I'm so stupid! 

"You little fibber!" She took the egg, and smashed it in my face. Two of her best friends were holding me down, so I couldn't move. Her three best friends laughed at my face. My egg face. The egg yolk and shells were covering my face.

"We are going to try this again. Do you like Ashton?" Laura asked. She came close to my face. 

"No. I don't." I mumbled. She came even closer, and slapped my face. My cheek was burning, and I so badly wanted to be in Ashton's arms. If I were in his arms, I'd be protected from the little sluts club.

Laura's punishments just got worse she kicked me in the stomach, she pulled me by my hair, and she poured rotten milk on my head. "I'm gonna asked you one more time. You little bitch! Do you like Ashton?" She asked me. I couldn't help but cry. Tears fell from my eyes, and I so badly wanted to tell them no...but I just couldn't. If I did then who knows what would happen?

"Yes. I do. I really do. I just can't tell him. Okay? I'm done playing your stupid game! Now leave me alone. I just beg of you... Please do not send that video to anyone. Please." I pointed to the phone. I stood up, and collapsed back onto the floor. My weight was pressing me down to the floor.

"Oh, don't worry....He won't even see it...or will he?" She laughed.

I gave a sour look at her, and she shot daggers in my eyes right back.

"You... YOU!"  Someone yelled. It was Skyler.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She screamed at Laura. She was like my mini body-guard, I say mini because she is really short.

"What do you want shortie?" Laura laughed.

"Definitely not your ugliness." She smirked.

Her jaw dropped. "Atleast I don't have ugly, muddy, yucky Converse!"

Skyler took a look at her shoes, "So, now your judging me by my shoes?"

"Get out, we just want to have lunch with Kylie!" Taylin, her second slut pointed at me. 

Wait? Lunch? With the sluts of the school? This feels like Mean Girls. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"You'll have lunch with us, for this one time, right, Kylie?" Laura said through her teeth.

"Uh, uh-"

"Uh, What?" She gave me an angrier look.

"Y-Yes.." I stuttered. I looked at Skyler. She sorta smiled and thumbs me up.

"Goody Good!" Laura smiled innocently.

She picked me up and pulled paper towels towards me. 

"Get cleaned up, you've got to look good around Ashton." She smiled.

"But he's no-" 

"Even when he's not here!!" 

I scrunched my eyebrows, staggered my way to the sink and got the paper towel wet. I glanced at Laura, she was like a hawk. Watching my every move.

I picked the rotten milk of my head and my shoulders with the dry paper towel.

I sighed, "I'm done...!" and smiled slightly.

"Better than ever!" Kennidie, her other slut, smiled.

We started leaving. Skyler patted me on the back saying everything will be fine. Not.

I was in the hallway heading to my locker, "Hey! What are you doing?" She called to me.

"Getting my money.." I said quietly.

She laughed, "No, no, no! I'll pay!"

"Uhh.." I closed my locker.

I saw Michael, "Michael! Thank god! No time to talk!" I said pacing towards him.

"I just want to deliver a message." He said pulling a paper out of his pocket.

I laughed a bit as he read it. "Hello, meet me at the flagpole, we are ALL going to Ashton's house. As in we and all, I mean Luke, Kylie, Calum, and Michael." he crunched up the note and put it back in his pocket.

"Okay, I really have to go!" I pointed towards towards Laura, Kennidie, and Taylin.

"Wait you- What are you doing with th-"

"KYLIE!" Laura yelled. 

"I'll try to talk to you at lunch, Okay?"

He nodded. "I'll see you there!" He called at me.

I ran towards The Mean Girls. "Hey guys, sorry." 

Kennidie turned towards me, "You need to stop having guy friends.." She said with a stern face. She pulled me between her and Laura. Ugh, uncomfortable. 

They made a scene walking in the lunchroom. Crop tops, short shorts, red lipstick, high heels. Sadly I did too. Everybody was seeing me as a slut now, as if were written across my chest. 

We went towards the kitchen. I saw Cal exiting, probably ashamed of me. Ha! I'm ashamed too, don't worry, Calum.

I got a Shitty Sundae (That's what Ash called it,) a burger, and fries with fry sauce (mayo+ketchup).

I smelt Taylin's cheap perfume and my food aroma mixed, it smelt like old ladies that had cats that farted all the food they could get.

I got to the old lady that charged the food. Laura pushed me away,and handed her 20 dollars.

"Why, thank you!" she smiled, which made her wrinkles pop out more. She grabbed the bill and gave me 17 back.

I grabbed my tray and headed toward the closest table to Luke, Calum, and Michael. But, no! Laura yelled at me to come over with her. I sauntered towards them, though I didn't feel casual.

She ate her salad as if she was from London, bitch. Kennidie ate/drank soup, and Taylin ate a salad like Laura.

"So tell me, is it even worth it? Liking Ashton?" Laura smiled.

"Uhm I -"

"Is he dead?" Kennidie asked stupidly.

I actually felt broken inside when she asked that, "I don't thi-"

"Guys! Let her talk!" Taylin yelled at them.

"Uh, I really don't know.."

I acted as though I were already full so I could get out of this shit...

"Okay, guys, I have to go.. 5th period is starting." 

"Okay! Bye!" Laura waved.




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