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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

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8. It's gonna be alright

*Kylie's POV*

I jumped out of the bus and saw Ash's bright red convertible. He was finally coming to school after a month. I looked around for a glimpse of his face. But, I saw Laura slowly coming to me.

"Hey Kylie!" she put a fake smile on.

I finally saw Ashton, and pushed her out of the way.

"Ashton!" I grabbed his arm. 

He turned and saw me, "Hiya Ky!" he smiled. He was still scrawny, pale, and still sounded wheezy a bit. But he still had his happy-go-fellow personality.

We started talking about how much he missed, and soon, we got on the topic of Laura... 

"Wait, so, you-" he pointed at me and continued"-had lunch, with Laura?"

I sighed, "Well, yeah, but I didn't really like it either, they forced me to."

He wheezed a laugh, "That's where come in!"

I gave him a look, "That's right, I was gone.." he looked at the pavement.

He pushed the doors open and we walked down to our lockers.

"Luke says I over-reacted, I guess I did, but, it was just how I felt and you mean the world to me." He smiled at the floor.

I really wanted to tell him that he meant the world to me, but Laura's voice ran through my head, 'Is it even worth it? Loving him?' I just spoke up and said, "I feel the same way, Ash, I really do, but so far I want to take it slow." His smiled faded.

I sighed, "I'll see in in homeroom though."

He smiled a second, "Okay."

I grabbed my backpack and headed in homeroom. And sat next to Bailey. I put my backpack on the desk and layed on it like it was a pillow and covered my face with my arms.

Bailey's hand grabbed my shoulder, "What's wrong?"

"I made a mistake.." my voice muffled.

"Why? What is it?" She asked comfortably. 

I looked up and turned to the back to see if Ashton was there, he was.

"Nothing," I said covering my face in my backpack again.

"Is it Ashton?" She got closer to me.

"No!" I snapped.

I looked up at her and she was pouting in the chair. "Sorry," I mumbled "I just don't want to talk about it."

She glanced at the whiteboard and back at me, " I'll tell you something if you tell me what you were going to say.."

I sighed, "You go first,"

She covered her left cheek facing the back of the room. "I kinda like Luke."

I held in a laugh, but when I did it sounded like an elephant trying not to trumpet. "I know, it was obvious!" 

She glared at me, and smirked. "Your turn.."

I sighed. "Nope." 

She slapped my arm, "Ow!"

I looked at Ashton, he was showing a video to Mike and Calum. "Well, he said I meant the world to him-" her eyes widened. "-and I said I felt the same, but I wanted to take things slow.." her eyes went to normal.

"Bad, bad, bad, bad girl! He's 17, your 17! You've been 17 forever! Like 7 months! And when you were dating Collin you were falling for him!" 

By the time she said 'Collin' Ash looked at us. 

I looked at her like 'SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!'

But when she finally noticed of me giving her look, Ms. Amblet walked in, "Welcome class, please take your seats.. Ashton can I see you for just a moment?"

"Shit," I mumbled.

Bailey slapped my arm, " 'Nough swearing!"

He walked to the front of the room and talked to Ms. Amblet. 

I heard her say, "Where have you been for four weeks?" and "Are you okay? You see.. Drowsy, or something."

He went back to his seat.. And mimicked her.. Haha! I was so glad to see him again. 

"Okay we will start attendance," She dropped her clipboard on her desk.

"Bailey Fuller?" "here,"

"Kylie Rallison?" "here.." I sighed

"Blah blah blah blah blaaah!" Ashton mimicked Ms. Amblet.

"Ashton Irwin!" She pointed to her desk next to hers. 

He smiled as he walked towards the desk.

"Lunch choices.. Choices are hamburger, sundae-"

Ashton covered his cheek, and mouth "A shitty sundae."

I giggled. "Ms. Rallison, What is so funny?" her lips tightened.

"Uhm, nothing.. Sorry Ms. Amblet." 

She continued, "-fries, salad, and grilled cheese."

Mmm. Grilled Cheese, I loved the grilled cheese here. It was better than anything else in the lunch room.

The bell finally rang and me and Ashton walked out together. 

"Hey, I'm sorry, I was stupid and saying the wrong thi-"


I looked towards Ashton, he was on the ground, on his back. I looked around the hall, no one was there anymore, class had already started.

"C'mon Ash stop messing around, we're late for class!" I bent down next to him.

He just lied there with his eyes closed. 

I slapped his face, "Ashton Fletcher! Get up!"

Okay, now this was serious. I felt his neck for a pulse. He was still breathing and there was a pulse. I think he passed out.

What should I do? I stood up, grabbed his hands and started dragging him across the hallway floor. 

"Ashton, if you're awake, this isn't funny." I grunted still pulling him down the hall.

His flimsy body dragged acoss the floor.

finally got to the nurse's office.

She had a student on the counter, ice on head. She turned around, looked at me, then Ashton, then me again. 

"Good greif! You should've told me that he fainted and I could've got him!" 

I looked at her small, weak figure. Uh-huh. Okay. Sure, you could've got him..

She pulled his arms more inside the room, at looked at her struggle, I kinda laughed. A tiny lady struggling to pull a kid that was less than one-hundred pounds, you got to admit that is pretty funny.

 She kept tugging on his arms like a dog playing tug-a-war, "Uhh, do you need help?" I asked scratching my for head.

"Yes.. p-please." She grunted.

I grabbed his feet while she was still groping his arms. We lifted him up and put him on the counter with that paper-y material.

"One problem.." She said catching her breath. "We can't treat unconscious students.."

I sighed, well, this was a wreck. "Wha- What should we do?" I asked.

"Well, wait 'till he wakes up and if he doesn't, we'll have to do something about it." 

I looked at him, wow, Ash, look at what you got yourself into. He looked like he was asleep, but he wasn't, he wasn't dead either. It seems like when you're unconscious, you're in between death and sleep, you're breathing, but you can't wake up right away. Like trying to escape a bad dream but you can't wake up, it's horrible, have you never felt that? Of course I have.


Ashton missed lunch. Again. But the good news is, I sat by, Bailey, Skyler, Luke, Calum and Michael. All together. I was happy, all the laughs, all the memories, all the jokes. I saw Bailey and Luke make eye contact, no luck. They smiled at each other and continued what they were doing. I was really confused by Skyler, she was talking to Cal, like, it was usual to do. Were they friends now? Hmm.

"Ky, where's Ash?" Michael asked.

"Uh.." I said looking down. I then sighed, "Well, he kinda fainted.."

All their eyes went wide. "Haha. Okay. Really, what happened?" Luke said flinging some corndog.

"No! Really! He fainted, he's in the nurse's office!"

"Can we get to a different subject?"  Skyler asked sweetly.

Then we got to the subject, cats. It always goes to cats randomly, I swear to god.

I finished my lunch and headed to the restroom to fix my loose fish-tail braid. Clicking high-heels echoed down the halls. Ugh! I can't get a break!

"Kylie!" Laura's voice dug into my ears.

She pushed me into the bathroom. "Very funny. What you did this morning."

What? What did I do? 

"You pushed me off and ran to your boyfriend, Ashton! You're gonna pay for that." She said opening the milk carton that was in her hands. She poured it all over my head. 

"Having fun fixing your hair?" She asked, still pouring it.

She stopped. "And I heard he fainted, from what? You're slut-y-ness?"

I daggered a dirty look at her, " 'Scuse me bitch? I don't shop at Miranda's or whatever that place is. And I don't look like a slut." I looked at her crop tops and booty-shorts. "Unlike some people.." 

She gaped her mouth open and then clenched her jaw.

"Hey! You asked for it, slut." I smiled.

She looked like an angry bull right now. I knew she didn't want to anything more. So she stormed out.


I walked up to the mirror. Chunky chocolate milk was rotting more in my hair. I dunked my head in the sink, and turned on the water. Stupid Laura, stupid, stupid, stupid.


I ran toward my locker, hair bouncing in a braid. A tiny paper was on the shelf in it. I opened it up.

hi - ash :)

I smiled as I taped it on the inside of the door.

I saw Ashton walking towards me in the corner of my eye.

He was smiling, he glanced at the paper, "got the note?" He asked, setting his hand on my shoulder.

"Haha, yeah." I smiled at he floor. 

"What's this?" He asked pointing at a picture on my door.

"It was my family.. Before my parents divorced." I looked at all my family's faces, all happy. like nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately, everything went wrong.

"Who is this?" he asked pointing at the picture, it was little me. When I was eight. I was clanging onto my mom's arm in the picture. 

"That's me.." I smiled at him.

"Woah! Really?!" He asked kinda loudly.

I laughed, "C'mon! I was eight."

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he said sarcastically. He sighed again "I didn't mean to offend you.."

"Oh my god! Ashton! You didn't offend me!" I laughed hitting him in his small gut.

Then, I started laughing really hard. "How did you faint?!"

He shrugged, "I don't know!"

"But, hey, listen, I got to get to class. I'll see you in the next period, okay?" He asked.

"Okay!" I repeated running down the hall. 



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