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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

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2. Boy Drama...

*Kylie's POV*

"Ashton you really don't need to do this," I confessed.

"Oh, I know, I just wanted to be generous, and, you know give you a ride." He laughed

I laughed too, "Yeah, but what about Luke and Cal?"

His eyes got wide and he laughed some more, well, we were already driving out of the school parking lot. "Just let me turn around." 

He turned the car around, and stopped at the flagpole, where they usually met. We saw Luke and Calum stomp towards the car.

Michael's head popped between the two passenger seats, "You're in deep shit, Ashton," then popped his head back.

Luke swung open the door, "Took you so damn long to pick us up! Eh, Calum?"

Calum nodded in agreement, but this was a small nod, which meant he wasn't that mad.

Ashton took his big hand and covered one side of his cheek, " Don't worry, Luke is just going trance where he's angry and stern a lot." He looked back at Luke who was folding his arms and looking outside, Ashton looked back at me and winked. I freaked out and smiled at him.

My hand rested on the side door and I looked out at the summer breeze that was still and calm. Soon I began looking around the car, Bluetooth? GPS? How does he afford this stuff? All I've got is a Mini Cooper that drives, A/C's, heats and adjusts the seats, but this is a convertible. Which if you have, you can always get noticed.

Well, rode home in style while we drove past girls from our school walking home, well, they saw me with Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum, and widened their eyes. Heh heh, losers.

I had to tell my mom where I was at, so I told her, 'Going 2 Ashton's for a bit, then I'll be on my way home' and she texted back 'K' I shook my head, "What?" Ashton asked.

"My mom," I stated, " I just texted her, and she HATES me short texting her, and she short texted me just barely."

Ashton smiled, "What did she say?" 

I laughed, "K," 

He nodded, "Very reasonable," and he giggled.

We pulled into his driveway and hopped out, I walked up to the front door, BIG, NICE, house. Wow. He ran in front of me and opened the door, "Here," 

"So, uhm, wh-" Michael was cut off-

"VIDEO GAMES!" Luke shouted, which echoed through the whole house.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" We all shouted running upstairs to the game room.

"BLACK OPS BLACK OPS BLACK OPS!" Calum yelled pulling it off the entertainment center and shoving it Michael's face.

"Give it here!" Ashton yanked it out of Cal's hands and put it in the Xbox.

When It came on, everyone, even me, was like, "Daaaaaaa- Daaaaa- DAAAAA- DAAAA-DUUMMMMM!"

"What mode?" Luke asked.

"Elimination!" I yelled, giggling.

"OOOH! We gettin' frosty in here, eh?" Calum elbowed me.

I laughed more, the stopped sternly, "YES!" Which made everyone laugh.

I cleared my throat, "But, seriously, guys, why am I the only girl you hang out with?"

"You're cool" Michael said.

"You're not slutty." Calum creased his eyebrows like it was the most obvious thing.

"You're the only one we know that plays video games!" Luke smiled.

Ashton stayed quiet. Which made me feel kinda insecure, I mean, he was the only one I had really strong feelings for.

I stood up, "I'm going to the restroom for a bit." and I walked out. 

I walked into the dark bathroom, flipped on the light, breathed in. That's all I needed? A breath? I thought for a second, What. The. Hell. Is. Up. With. Ashton?? I thought. And I also thought, why I was weird for having four guy friends, and two friends that's actually are girls, Skyler and Bailey.

I slowly opened the door and stood at the doorway, "Oh your just scared for yourself!" I heard Luke laugh.

"And forgot about us, and not her!" Calum yelled.

"Shut up guys! Okay? I can kick you all out if you don't!" Ashton yelled back.

"What did do?" Michael asked.

"Noth-" Ashton was cut off.

"You're always there to cheer your girlfriend up!" Luke roared.

That's it. I walked in the doorway I cleared my throat.  

"What girlfriend?" I asked Ashton. His eyes were watering. Then he looked at Luke and Calum who were wide-eyed.

"I told you to shut up, guys!" he yelled at them.

He shook his head then stormed off.

Michael sighed and got up, "Can you guys listen for one day?" Then he went after Ashton.


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