True || Ashton Irwin

{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

©Copyrighted 2014
☁Ashton's Cloud☁, Nerd_Forever021, & HipstaQueen
All rights reserved


4. *Authors Note*


Hey Guys! I just wanted to let you know...☁️Ashton's Cloud☁️ has asked me to Co-Author True! So I thought I'd tell you (5SOS FAM) about myself.

My name is Danielle

I'm in the 5SOS FAM!

I love unicorns!

I'm actually on Movellas! My username is @Nerd_forever021

Luke Hemmings is my #mcm FOR LIFE


Thats basically me! For amazing stories, mumbles, and laughed go to my page. My username was mentioned above. Also for more updates for True go follow the other author @☁️Ashton's Cloud☁️ (Best Author Ever!)

Love you all!



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