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{1}Let's just say two certain people walking on this Earth today, are soul mates, they just don't know it yet. One wishes they were beside the other. The other feels the same. These two know each other very well. But they'll get closer than they already are.

©Copyrighted 2014
☁Ashton's Cloud☁, Nerd_Forever021, & HipstaQueen
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7. "Ash!?"

*Kylie's POV*

The last bell finally rang. I can't wait to see Ash. I walked out in the hallway and saw Skyler. I started running to her. She saw me and we embraced into a hug. 

"Oh! It was horrible! They asked me if he was dead! And if it was worth loving him!" tears streamed down my face.

She hugged me again. "It's alright, your going to see him after school with the boys right?" 

I nodded.

"But, but, what if he is dead?" I started crying again.

She slapped my face, hard but gently. "Kylie! Snap out of it! This is not you!!" She pointed at me. She continued "He's not gonna be dead."

She patted my shoulder. "Go find the boys. Text me how Ash is doing, kay? I don't want you holding it all in." She grabbed her back pack and walked off.

I looked for Michael's bleach-white hair. No luck. Flagpole idiot! Totally forgot about the flagpole..

I headed to front doors, Laura hollered at me, "Ky! I'll see you tomorrow!"

I faked a smile. She called me Ky, no one calls me Ky, except my true friends.

I stepped onto the rocked pavement and ran toward the grass surrounded flagpole. I saw Michael's white hair now..

"Michael! Over here!" I yelled at him. His face turned towards mine.

"Hey! Kylie!" he walked towards me. "Wazzup?"

"Hi." he saw my red-spotted forehead.

"Have you been crying?" he asked suspiciously.

"What? No!" 

He gave me a look. 

"Fine! Whatever! I have!" 

He punched my shoulder playfully.

Luke ran up, "Sup, Ky?! Haven't seen you since yesterday!" he smiled. His peircing really popping out with his white teeth.

I laughed, "I'm good,"

Michael covered his cheek closest to me, "She was crying.." He whispered loud enough so I could hear.

"Stop telling everyone!" I smacked his arm with the back of my hand.

"I told LUKE! That's only one person!" He pointed at Luke.

Calum was behind me, which I had no idea about. "You told Luke what?"

"AAH!" I screamed running away from Calum towards Luke.

He laughed, "Rawr.." He flexed his hand as if he had claws.

"Not funny!" I said pointing at Cal.

"She's been crying.." Michael repeated.

"Mich-aaael!" I whined "Stop!"

"Fine, but let's get going." He said pulling me away from Luke.

We walked to his some-what new Ute. 

"Sho-" Calum got interuppted.

"NO! No shotgun, no one get's shotgun. Last time someone did remember what happened? Luke? Calum?"

They had guilty looks on their faces as they headed into the back.

Michael buckled in, "No one get shotgun besides my back pack." He said buckling his back pack in.

I was behind Michael, Luke was next to me and Calum was next to him. But no one buckled in.


We got there, safe and sound. Thank the lord.

"Ashton!" Michael pounded on the door, "Ashton! We know you're in there!"

"Go away!" I muffled voice yelled back. Oh my god. He was alive.

"Now, Luke. Can you open this, like without breaking it?" 

He shrugged. "What? Why are you asking me?" he nodded no, "Fine, I'll do it."

He slowly turned the knob. "It's unlocked, idiot!"

"I know! Go in!" Michael swayed his hands toward the door.

"No! He's mad at me! Michael I reckon you go in!"

"Nah. I'm good." 

They all looked at me, "What?"

I sighed in and out, this is it. "Fine." I turned the doorknob and walked in.

All the blinds were closed. The room was dark. "Ashton?" I called. "Ashton?"

"C'mon guys let's go upstairs to his room." I called to the door quietly. I wasn't sure if he was in there or not.

I made my way to the stairs. I feeling in my gut said 'no'. But my heart said 'Go get him.'

I groped the railing, I turned to see the boys behind me. "Go!" Someone whispered.

I took a deep breath and made it top to the stairs, slowly though.

I saw his doorway, open wide, completely dark.

"Ashton! Please answer me!"

My eyes started watering. "Ashton?" I grew quiet.

'Go for it, GO!' My head screamed.

I started walking slowly towards the door and walked in.

"Ash?!" I saw him lying on his bed.

"Oh my god Ashton!" I looked at him. I thought he had died. I sat on his bed right next to his legs. His bony legs horrified me.

"Ashton, are you okay?"

He nodded. I stood up. The boys were at the doorway. I thought my world was going faster than usual. 

I collapsed to the floor. Ashton moaned and sat up.

"K-Kylie? Are you okay?" his dry voice cracked.

I began crying. Michael walked toward me and rubbed my back gently.

Luke walked toward his bedside. He began crying. Luke was crying

"Why are you so skinny?" he asked worried.

Ashton closed his eyes and shrugged. He pulled the covers over his entire body.

I looked up at Mike, he was crying too, of course he was, this was his best friend.

I stood up and walked to his bedside next to Luke. 

Luke wrapped his arm around me, Ashton looked worried.

"Wait are-" 

I nodded no, "Of course not, I'm not dating anyone.."

He smiled a bit and nodded.

He stood out of bed. He had sweats on and his favorite tank top. It looked like he was struggling to stand up. I hugged him. "I'm so glad you're okay. I was worried sick. Don't ever do it again." He was bony. His cheekbones were showing more than ever. You could feel his ribs when you hugged him.

"W-when was the last time you ate?" Michael stepped in.

He shrugged and started walking out to the kitchen.

We followed him and saw him grab a cup of water, he drank it all.

"Does your mom know about this?" Luke asked. 

"No, she doesn't know anything, that I've been missing school. Nothing." He looked at the floor. He ran back to the sink and started throwing up.

When he was done he started crying, "I can't even eat or drink, I feel dead!" 

He grabbed water and swished it in his mouth and spit it out back in the sink.

"I just.. Can't"

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