Niall's Story

Niall's younger sister goes missing and he doesn't know if shes dead or just kidnapped. Lauren becomes a very close person to Megan and she might know why she disappeared.


6. Chapter 6

It’s been a few weeks since I last had the chance to talk to Niall. Management has had me traveling from LA to wherever the next show is. I have really bad Jet Lag and I haven’t slept in about two days. I’ve had to drink a ton of Pepsi or energy drinks. Management wants me to finish my album, while I still open for One Direction.

“Ehhhh!!! There’s the one girl that we’ve been dying to see!!!!!!!” Louis yells.

“Hey Louis,” I responded and gave him a hug.

“I’ve missed you soo much!!

“LAUREN!!!!” Megan and Amber screamed together.

“HIIIII!” I responded.

They hugged me like they haven’t seen me in forever, which they just saw me two days ago.

“Someone’s been missing you…” Megan whispered.

“What?” I whispered back.

“Here...let me show you”

Megan and I walked to the bunk bed area of the lads tour bus and she swiped open one of the bunk bed curtains. Niall had his face in his pillow and his hair was all messed up. He was in the same clothes as two days ago.

“Megan...close he curtain…” He said.

“ don’t want to see someone special…” Megan responded.

“Fine...I’ll get up and change…”

Megan and I walked away. She pulled me out of their tour bus and into ours. She dragged me into the bathroom.

“Ever since you’ve been gone every few days or so, Niall has stopped hanging out with the boys or being cheerful. Sometimes I have to force food into his mouth.”

“Really? Why is he so depressed??”

“I don’t know…”

My phone started ringing and it was my agent.


“Hey. Simon called and Matthew Espinosa just broke up with his girlfriend and Simon wants you to go on a date with him and get to know him better. A limo will come for you around six thirty tonight. Wear something formal/casual. That’s all. Bye!”

My agent hung up and I looked at Megan. She had the look of pure horror on her face. I dragged her into the hallway and saw a ton of clothes. Fancy/casual dresses, shirts, pants and shoes. Amber was standing there.

“FYI! Your phone was on speaker. And I found all of your formal/casual clothes,” Amber responded.

I looked through multiple outfits, and I still didn’t find the perfect outfit. I saw my favorite blue sweater and dark washed skinny jeans. I slipped that on and grabbed my white scarf. I walked out and Megan and Amber both agreed on my outfit. I grabbed my brown leather boots and a matching bag. Megan insisted on doing my hair and Amber wanted to do my makeup. I told Amber to do a natural look, so basically mascara and eyeliner.

“Lauren!!! The limo’s here!!!” Megan yelled.

I got up from the chair and grabbed my phone. I felt weird walking out of my tour bus the way that I was dressed and Niall walked out of his tour bus chewing on a sandwich. I waved to him and got in. I saw his facial expression change from happy to sad. I saw Megan run out and drag him back onto his tour bus. I felt bad, but...I kind of had no choice to say no to this date.



I actually couldn't think of any other celebrity that I like and Matthew Espinosa was the only one that popped into my head, but this is still going to be a One Direction Fan Fiction.


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