Niall's Story

Niall's younger sister goes missing and he doesn't know if shes dead or just kidnapped. Lauren becomes a very close person to Megan and she might know why she disappeared.


5. Chapter 5

I was startled awake by Megan, who had poked me in the stomach. I unlocked my phone and saw that it was six am. I slowly got out of the bunk and basically clumsily walked to the living room. I sat down and she sat down next to me. Her phone was on and she showed me something. It was the picture of Niall and me that DepressedMia posted.

“So...are you Niall together???” She asked.

“No...we’re just friends…” I responded.


She left and I heard the shower start. I went through my notifications and saw that Niall texted me. He wanted to meet me on the stage in the stadium. I grabbed some yoga pants, a baggy shirt and my vans. I changed quickly and texted Niall back. It seemed like he wanted to tell me something and it was urgent. I left the tour bus with a beanie on the back.

I walked into the empty stadium and walked onto the stage. I sat down and looked out. I pictured the crowd and what I would be doing tonight and now on with the crowd. All of a sudden I heard a very familiar voices behind me. I turned and saw Harry Stykes and Ed Sheeran messing around behind me. I just kind if stayed where I was and they didn't notice at all. They later left and Niall walked into the stadium.  I smiled and ran to him.

  Niall engulfed me into a hug and spun me around. I don't know why he wanted to see me, but I'm glad he did. We walked back to the stage and we sat down together. He took my hand.

  "Lauren...I-" Niall started.

  "Hahahha!" I heard Louis yell. "You can't get me!!!!"

   Louis ran onto the stage and realized that we were here. Niall and I both stood up at the same time. We were still holding hands. Louis his behind up and Harry and zayn came running in. They were drenched. Louis chuckled but they didn't hear him. Harry ran past us and Zayn went looking through the stadium checking every section and seat.

  "Can't catch me suckers!!" Louis screamed and ran away.

  Niall and I laughed for a good few minutes and then Niall said something quietly.

  "What? Niall I couldn't understand you."


  "Niall you have to go to wardrobe!" Paul called.

  Niall walked away and I was left alone to figure out what he wanted to tell me.

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