Niall's Story

Niall's younger sister goes missing and he doesn't know if shes dead or just kidnapped. Lauren becomes a very close person to Megan and she might know why she disappeared.


11. Chapter 11

Megan’s POV: I couldn’t stay there anymore. Niall’s depressed and Lauren’s with Matthew. I just want her to chose for the best, but she has to do as management wishes.  “Aren’t you Niall Horan’s little sister?” A girl asked me.  “No, but all I need is a place to stay for a little while,” I responded to her.  I don’t want people to tweet where I am. I need time to myself, no paparazzi in my face.  “I’m Andrea by the way. We can room for as long as you want. My parents moved out a few years ago and gave it to me. You don’t need to pay rent, unless you want too.” “Thanks. I just didn’t have any other option…” “Why?” “Um...long story.’ “Oh okay. You can always tell me later.” We walked to Andrea’s house. It was very nice. Three stories, connected with other homes. Andrea told me, she use to have a different room mate until that roommate got pregnant. She’s never really had a boyfriends, but her dream Niall Horan.  I was looking around the room and saw a picture of Andrea and Niall. "Hey Andrea!" "Yeah?" "When was this picture of you and Niall taken?" "Oh! I went to their concert in Milwaukee! I was visiting some family and my cousin, urself took me along with her cousin Lauren!"  Andrea is cousins with Ursula. Lauren is cousins with Ursula. Andrea likes Niall. Lauren likes Niall.  "Is something wrong?" "No, I'm just looking around." "You sure?" "Yup! I'm going to go check out my room." I slaked upstairs and opened the first door. It looked like my room. I set down my bag, then headed across the hall. It was Andrea's room. Filled with One Direction posters, hearts around almost every Niall. I pulled out my phone and took a few photos. I re-closed the door and searched for the bathroom. It was a very big bathroom. Then I realized I had forgotten a bag downstairs. I walked downstairs and heard talking.  "Yeah! Ursula! Niall Horan's sister is in my house! I know it was her from the concert!" Andrea said into the phone. "I don't know where Lauren is! Megan seemed to have runaway from Lauren AND One Direction! I don't understand why Lauren gets to become famous! She can't even sing!" Andrea out the phone on speaker and Ursula and her started singing. They were both off key and terrible. I quietly grabbed my last bag. They didn't hear me. Once I got back into my room, I decided u need to go back to One Direction. I texted Niall and called a cab. I popped out the window screen and climbed out. I made it look like I never left the house. The cab was waiting for me. I hopped in as Niall texted me back.  (N) Megan! Where the heck are you!? (M) On my way back! Where are you?  (N) MSG! (M) Thanks! I'll be there shortly! I told the taxi driver where to go. I did to know that Andrea and Ursula were that mean. They're planning something to hurt Lauren...possibly me.
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