Niall's Story

Niall's younger sister goes missing and he doesn't know if shes dead or just kidnapped. Lauren becomes a very close person to Megan and she might know why she disappeared.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Niall Horan. I am 20 and this is my story of how I lost my little sister. Her name was Megan. Megan Horan. She was a nineteen year old teenager with bright blonde hair. Her eye’s were a little bluer and brighter than mine. Here’s the story


                    2 months earlier…

    Today was the say that my baby sister was coming on tour with us. For her it was summer vacation but for the lads and I it was work, work, work.

    “NIALL!” I heard a nineteen year old scream.

    I turned and saw Megan running across the parking lot. I was surprised that no one heard her. Megan ran up and hugged me. She flew into Chicago, but our concert is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Paul was waiting for me with the tour bus, but you couldn’t see it. He decided to have it parked where the fans couldn’t see it.

Megan started telling me how mum and dad were. She didn’t bring up Chris because she absolutely hates him for some reason. Ever since she was little and mum brought him home...Megan just didn’t like him. Wouldn’t let him touch her, change her, feed her, sit with her, or even play with her. Megan would start crying if he did any of that.

Once Megan was six, my mum decided to go have her live with my dad. She thought that it would be a better place for her.

“Niall. Your back with Megan,” Paul said.

“Yeah. She’s quite a chatty mouth since I last remember seeing her,” I responded.

“Hey!” Megan said.

“It’s true little sis.”

I walked onto the bus and saw all the lads on there phone’s. Megan walked in, and set down her luggage. The boys didn’t even notice. Megan stood there texting people but also looking impatient.

“Lads. This is my little sister, Megan. She’s going to be with us for a while.”

They all nodded their heads and went back to looking at their phones. I took Megan’s luggage and put it with the rest of ours. Megan kind of sat down on the couch and I could tell that she was blushing. I sat down next to her and made her feel at home.

“Boys!” Paul yelled. “Your show starts in two hours! Come on lets go!”

I just noticed that we were in front of the stadium. I believe it was the Bradley Center. Megan didn’t get up with the rest of us so I held out my hand. She took it and then I put her on my back. Megan’s not that hard to carry because one, she’s very light and two, I built up a lot of muscle.

I ran all the way into the stadium. They had floating banners everywhere. SOme said Milwaukee Bucks, others said Milwaukee Admirals and then there were people putting up banners of us.

Once I got backstage I set Megan down and walked onto the already made stage. It was a huge arena! It was almost like Madison Square Garden!

We started practicing a few sons and we were set. They sent us off to go get our wardrobe and hair done. I just was going to have my hair almost like Louis, but I might have it quaffed up.

2 hours later…

We ran onto the stage and started singing Na Na Na. I could see Megan backstage, having a blast. We did questions and just had fun singing to the crowd. I saw this one girl, and she looked beautiful. She was smiling but then someone next to her said something. Her smile faded and she had tears form in her yes The boys were doing questions and I crouched down by Preston. Preston’s one of our bodyguards.

“Preston...theres this girl in row three. She has long brown hair and she’s wearing a blue shirt, I whispered into his ear.

He nodded and walked off. I went back by the lads and Liam looked at me. I walked over and explained everything. I then saw Preston escorting the girl I told him about. He was taking her backstage. I looked at Megan but she wasn’t there. She was helping the girl backstage. It looked like she was crying.

End of the show

    The lads and I changed after the show. I didn’t really put on a shirt, so I walked into our lounge area...shirtless.

    “Niall!” Megan yelled.

    “What?” I responded.

    “Go put on a shirt!”

    “’s not like you haven’t seen me shirtless before.”

    “I know. But Lauren hasn’t.”

    “Who’s Lauren?”

    Megan pointed to the girl in the blue shirt. She was bent over, with her head in her hands. I slipped on my shirt and walked over to Lauren. I sat down next to her while putting my hand on her back. She lifted her head and noticed that I was sitting next to her.

    “Love it’s okay. I was that one that had Preston bring you back here,” I reassured her.

    “T-t-thanks. I-I-I needed to g-get a-away from h-her,” Lauren stuttered.

    “Who’s her?” Megan asked.

    “My wicked cousin, Ursala. She was saying how I was too ugly to be here. To be in front of you guys. To even be living,” Lauren told us.  

“You aren’t ugly!” Megan protested.

“You’re beautiful!” I exclaimed.

I was holding that in while she was telling us her story. I knew that she was the one for me.

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