The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


14. The walk

The next day, when Catherine woke up she saw that Phillip was already gone and so she got dressed by her ladies.  As she was getting dressed one of her ladies with blonde hair asked "What are today's activities, your grace?" Catherine thought and said "I think i will go take a walk in the gardens today" . The blonde girl's eyes became white and then Catherine shook her gently and said to her "Are you alright? should i go get a doctor?" the girl shook her head, her eyes became normal and she  said to Catherine "I'm fine but with all your respect, i think you should not go to the garden today your grace" Catherine was intrigued and said "Why not? it's a lovely day"  the girl then said "Something bad is gonna happen". Catherine was walking in the gardens with Phillip,her two ladies, Robert and two guards as Phillip had insisted, when suddenly a man dressed in black came running to her with a knife in his hands. 


The guards started running to the man that was approaching the queen, but Robert was faster than them and he caught the man before the guards, he pinned the man in black to the ground and took away the man's knife. The guards took over and said holding the man "What shall we do to this traitor?" Phillip went to the assassin and he looked straight into the man's eyes. He then looked at the guards and said "Bring him to the tower, we shall ask questions later". Robert walked to Catherine and said "Are you alright?" Catherine looked at his brown eyes and said shook up"I'm fine, thanks to you Robert". When they were inside Catherine walked up to the blonde haired girl and said "How did you know something bad would happen?" the girl looked at the ground and said "I have a special talent... i can see through the future". 


During the dinner, Phillip and Catherine sat at a long wooden table. As they were waiting for the dessert, Phillip got up and walked behind Catherine's chair he tossed the hair that was on her left shoulder to  her right shoulder slowly. He  kissed her neck leaving a trail of kisses up to her ear and she said softly "Phil, stop then servants will be coming with the dessert soon" he then whispered in her ear "The only dessert i need is you.." he then kissed her passionately, she got up and returned his kiss, just then a servant came into the room with the dessert he coughed and said "Should i come later or..." Phillip stopped kissing Catherine and said "No it's fine...come in" he then went to sit in his chair staring straight into Catherine's green eyes and he then smirked.

Later that night, Catherine was in her night gown and then someone came in her room. She looked at the person and saw that it was Phillip, she bowed and said "Your majesty". The king closed the door and kissed her passionately he then led her to the bed.


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