The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


1. The voyage

In the women and children compartment there were bunk beds from one side of the room to another, as Jane noted there was approximately fifty centimetres of space between each bunk and as the bunks were all full they had to share bunks,so that meant that they all needed to be two people in the same bunk for a month . The girls all slept a few bunks away from each other, Anne shared with Catherine, Jane shared with Maria and Margaret shared her bunk with a girl named Lucy . The girls all bonded with the other women, Catherine played with the few other children, some of the women gave them some dresses they wore shirts under their new dresses. Anne got a red dress, Catherine got a blue one, Jane got a brown dress, Maria got a green one and Margaret picked a brown one as well. People started getting sick, Lucy had died and so did many others of the passengers not just women but also men and a few children.


Two month had passed and they had finally arrived at the new world, it was covered in wilderness, there were all sorts of trees but there were mostly pine trees. A man appeared and said "welcome to Iskira, before you can be a true citizens you will need to fill out your name,age, and gender" he passed a long piece of paper to Louis who signed and the rest did the same. The man lead them to a city who was situated close to a river that connected to the ocean, it was a small city but it was big enough for every one. There were wooden houses made by the first men that came here. There were females and male animals like sheep ,chickens, cows and ox's to maintain the food chain in Iskira.



Louis, Anne and Catherine chose the house nearest to the river, Jane stayed a few house away from them with Maria and Margaret. Louis got a job as the town's woodcutter with a few other men in town and the girls worked in the field to harvest various fruits and vegetables and it was just a few miles away from the village, when Anne would go to the fields to harvest, she would bring Catherine to a neighbour who had two other kids so Catherine didn't feel lonely. Two months later, it was now dawn and Margaret was wide awake as  hen she would sleep she would dream about that awful night at the castle it has been two months and yet we have no news of Harry.The more she thought about it the more she wanted to cry, just then she got the urge to vomit, she ran outside and vomited on the side of the house, when she got back in the house Maria and Jane were sat at the table talking about what happened at the castle, Margaret went into her room to change and when she came back to eat breakfast Jane said to her "When was the last time you bled Margaret?" she just continued to eat breakfast Maria said to her "You changed Margaret, you haven’t bleed for three months and your belly is getting swollen, do you know what this means?" Margaret putted a hand on her belly and said "It means that i have a little prince or princess inside of me.." she smiled weakly and when she looked down at her belly, a tear ran down her face. They were concerned and Maria asked her while patting her hand gently "Why are you crying?" Margaret looked at Maria shook her head and said “Because my child will never know her or his father Harry... god i miss him" and with that Margaret started crying and sobbing. Jane looked at her and said "Are you alright?" Maria hugged Margaret tightly, Margaret said while crying "I was his Sun and Stars and he was the Moon of my life.....". 

Later during the day Anne, Margaret and Catherine were walking on the path back to the village, Catherine said “Look mommy, an elk!” they went closer and hid behind a big rock, the elk saw them and was going towards them, when the elk came closer it smelled Catherine's hands and went away.


While going back to the village Catherine was skipping along while the two girls were walking behind her "So as you're pregnant, me and the rest of the woman wanted to help you build a crib and plus on Sundays we all knit blankets and clothes for all the villagers and it will give us time to bond with the others and catch up on a little bit of gossip" Anne said, "But what about Catherine?"  Margaret said, Anne laughed and said “She will come with us a lot of the others will bring their children”.    


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