The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


19. The summer residance

A few months had passed since then and the court was now at the summer residence, this palace resembled paradise on earth. The old lady was on a balcony with her friend watching the six month pregnant queen Catherine walking hand in hand with her two year old daughter Isabella in the gardens. "You cannot call her majesty very social these days" an old woman said "Excuse me, but when was she ever social?" responded the other old woman watching the queen. Robert was next to an old oak tree and said seeing Catherine and her daughter "Might i talk to you?" Catherine smiled and started walking with Robert and Isabella. 

"How are you Catherine?" Robert asked, Catherine was wearing a light green dress and Isabella had her white hair into a braid paired with a light pink dress, the queen smiled and said to Robert "It's kicking all the time"  Robert smiled and said "it wants to come out and see it's beautiful mother". Robert stopped walking and so did Catherine and Isabella, Catherine turned to face him and he touched her growing belly, the old woman at the balcony saw that and gasped.


Later that evening, the old woman had all of Catherine's ladies in her room and said "If something has been going on between Robert and the queen and you knew about it. It's would be a sin to conceal it, you would end up in the tower, your head on a pike for lying to me girls"  the blonde girl said "We don't know anything" the old woman sighed and said "You can all leave now" when they left the old lady st on her chair and said to herself "I know what i saw"  but then the redheaded girl came back in the room and said "I saw something ".


That night Phillip slept with Catherine in her room and as he was putting his shirt back on she said "Phillip, i don't think we should continue to sleep together anymore, it's not healthy"  he turned to face her and he said "Right, for the baby of course" he then snuggled up to her and she said "You should probably sleep in your own room..."  he just looked at her and said "No no no no no no no, i like sleeping with you two" he then putted his hand on Catherine's belly saying to the unborn child "Can you hear my voice? Can you hear your father speaking?" Catherine just looked at the wall in discomfort.


Three months later and Catherine was in her room giving birth while she pushed the midwife said to herself  "It's close". In another room Phillip was sat on a sofa in the dark and then Robert came in the room and said "Phil? What are you doing sitting in the dark alone?" . Phillip looked at his best-friend and said "Come sit with me Robb" Robert sat next to the king and said "Why are you sitting in the dark?" the king just said " I'm just nervous ".  A few hours later a servant came into the room and said "My king, the queen has delivered of a healthy baby boy, and she wishes to see you" Phillip got up and ran to Catherine's room and Robert went back to his own room waiting impatiently to see his son.  


When Phillip got there he sat next to his wife and said "A boy" Catherine smiled and said "What will you name him?" Phillip thought and said triumphant "Julien" a few minutes had passed and Catherine said to Phillip "I need peace and quiet to recover" he kissed her and said "Of course, i will leave you to rest my beautiful queen" and he then went back to his room. Catherine dismissed all of her ladies and Robert came in through the secret door, he sat next to her on the bed and she handed the baby over to him saying "Julien"  and then he looked at the baby and said smiling and crying a bit "Our little Julien". Robert then kissed Catherine softly on the lips and she said "I love you" and he said "I love you too". She looked at the sleeping baby in his arms and said softly "We are a family now" he then looked at her fingers, he saw the ring and said "It's the ring i gave you,  you still have it" Catherine smiled and said "You gave it to me i would never throw it away".

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