The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


18. The news

The next day, all of Catherine's ladies were gone to the gardens and Robert and Catherine were talking alone in her room when suddenly she sat on the bed closing her eyes with her hands on her forehead. Robert sat next to her and he looked at her with concern and said "What's wrong?" Catherine looked at him and said " I'm pregnant" she then got up to stare out of the window. When she looked out she saw Phillip playing with their two year old daughter Isabella in the gardens.


She said to him looking out the window "You do realize what this means?" Robert just looked at her and she continued "Everyone knows that i haven't slept with Phillip, in over a year and..." Robert stood up from the bed and said "And that will not happen Catherine" she stared at him and said angrily " I have to Robert!" he stared at her and said "No". Catherine stared at him angrily "Do you want our child to end up in the gutters? Because you know that it's gonna happen if i don't sleep with Phillip, and if i don't sleep with him they will know that the child is not the king's".


Robert went in the gardens to walk with Robert while Catherine played with Isabella. Robert then said to Phillip "You haven't visited the queen's chambers in over a year, the people think you're neglecting her". Phillip just stared at him and said "She doesn't want to" Robert stared at the ground and said "On the contrary, she told me she wants it to happen" . That night the king went to Catherine's chambers, sat on her bed and said "Come, wife" to which she sat down with him and he started kissing her, meanwhile in his room Robert sat in his chair unhappy.


Later during the night, when Phillip was gone Robert came in by the secret door and Catherine said "Don't come any closer Robert" he stayed at the secret door and she said looking at the ring on her finger, it was the ring  Robert had made for her "We should see each other less often now" Robert nodded and she said crying a bit "Please leave Robert, i beg you" and so he left.

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