The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


3. The news

A few weeks after the birth, Margaret was in Anne's house with the other women of the town talking and gossiping while she was holding William in her arms. Catherine and her best friend Lola, who was Robert's younger sister and was four just like her best friend ran to Margaret. Catherine asked "Can William play with us?" Margaret smiled and said "No i don't think so, maybe later" Lola had dark brown hair paired with dark brown eyes and she was also dressed in a green dress. Lola got closer and looked at the sleeping baby in Margaret's arms and said " He's so small " Margaret smiled and said to the girl and said "Yes he is" then Lola said "Where's his dad?" she was going to answer but Maria said "He's in the war Nubarcia" the girl smiled and said "Just like my father!" and then the two little girls left.


A few minutes later while every one was gossiping a teenage boy came into the house and said "I have some news from the main lands!" every one stopped talking to listen, the boy continued and said "The rebels have won and we also got news that our soldiers have been taken hostage and killed" the room was in complete silence until one of the girls asked "What about our king?" the boy looked around and said happily "Our beloved king has out smarted the rebels and has escaped! as to where he is we don't know, but all we need to do is hope" cheers were heard all around the room and the boy left. After hearing the news, Anne got up and said "Well, the meeting is dismissed" every one left except for Margaret, Anne, Louis, Maria and Jane. Margaret looked at the sleeping child in her arms and said softly "Did you hear that William? Daddy's coming home".

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