The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


11. The feast

The next day Catherine woke up in a king sized bed in her night gown, she then heard a knock on the door and then three people came in with dresses and then Catherine looked around and said "Where is  my dress?" an old lady came to her side and said "My lady, your old dress has been thrown away and new ones were made for you" Catherine looked at the dresses and then the old woman said " You will try all of these on and then show me the final result ". Catherine walked over to the first dress and tried to put it on but the old woman said "What do you think you're doing? The ladies will dress you... you will be royalty, get used to it". 


After trying three dresses in a row, she tried the last one. This dress was a light blue and it even had gold on it.  The woman stopped and said "This dress is the one you will wear to court today... but we have to do something with your hair" they then styled her brown hair into a half up dew. The woman looked at Catherine and said "It's time, you are ready". Before leaving Catherine said "Where is my necklace? The one i had with me yesterday!" the old lady laughed and said "That old thing, why do you want it?" Catherine looked at the lady and said "It was my mothers and i want it" the old lady sighted and gave it to her saying "If you must ". Catherine putted the necklace and just before she left for the court she looked at her finger, she was happy to know that Robert's ring was still there. 


When Catherine went to the court room she saw Robert at the kings side and the king said "My lords and ladies, i have made the decision to make Robert my personal chamberlain" cheers were heard all around the room and then suddenly the king went over to Catherine and brought her over to the throne saying "I will marry the lady Catherine, tomorrow" gasps were hear around the room, Catherine looked at Robert who had his hands formed into fists. The king then took this opportunity to kiss Catherine on the cheek. Later that evening Catherine asked the king "As we will be married i would like to know your name, my lord" the king laughed and said "You can call me Phillip ". "Your grace, i wanted to know as you are a vampire, is it true that you will never die?" Catherine asked. Phillip just laughed and said "Of course, we vampires die eventually. Did you know that  i have been walking on  this planet since the beginning of time" Catherine gasped and said "So...that would make you 1400 years old!".


A few minutes later Phillip said looking at her necklace "It's very pretty who made it?" Catherine blinked away tears and said grabbing the locket in her hand "My father made it for my mother" Phillip looked at her and said "And where are they?" Catherine looked into his eyes and said a tear sliding down her cheek "Their dead, they were killed by the wildlings" Catherine then got up and left to her room.


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