The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


22. The execution

A week later, Robert was in the corner of his cell. He looked at the golden locket in his hands that he had made for Catherine when they got married, but he had never the courage to give it to her. On the left side there was a painting of him and on the right side there was an inscription saying "Did my heart love till now? for swear it, sight, i never saw true beauty till this night" he then closed the locket and putted it in his pocket. A  priest then came in the cell and he said to Robert "Come, it's time".


In the castle the king stared outside and said "Are you sure the execution isn't today?" a guard then said "Yes, i'm sure your grace" the king then said "It's been noisy and crowded outside all morning, where are they all going?" Phillip faced the guard, he then said answering the king "I don't know your grace" Phillip smiled and said "I can't wait to see Robert's face when i pardon him..." he shook his shoulders and said "Do you think he's mad at me?" the guard smiled and said "Of course not, why would he be mad at you?".


Meanwhile, Robert was in a carriage being taken to the executioner's block. "Who came up with the idea of pardoning people at the last minute?" Robert asked the priest to which he responded by saying "It's tradition, the people must be present to applaud their king" Robert looked down and said "Of course".Before he got taken out of the carriage he gave the locket to the priest and said "Give this to queen Catherine and to no one else but her" when he finished saying that  the guards took him out the carriage and Robert said to the guards "Where's the king?" when they took him to the block, the people looked at him and one man threw an egg at Robert's face laughing. When Robert saw the stair case he paralyzed with fear but the guards forced him to go up the stairs but the guards forced him to go up the stairs, when he got up the guards layed him on the executioner's block, Robert always knew deep down within himself, that the king would not be there. As the executioner took the ax Robert started crying. 


A few moments before he died Robert had a flash back of all the things he did, like the time when he was in town and gave Catherine some flowers before their wedding and also the time when he sat next to her while hugging her tightly when he was comforting her, the last image he saw of her was the one when she was sitting in her bed smiling holding their new born son Julien, in the image he then kissed Catherine softly on the lips and she said "I love you" and then on the executioner's block he found himself saying "I love you too", the executioner then chopped Robert's head off, the whole crowd went silent in respect.


Catherine was in her living room when a servant gave her the locket and told her the news, the servant went away and Catherine started crying uncontrollably holding the necklace in her hand and fell on her knees still crying and sobbing uncontrollably. In the castle Phillip heard the news and said to the guard "You said the execution wasn't today! and that nothing would happen to him, that he would just be banished!" the guard smiled and said "It must have been a small error, your grace" the king then left to his rooms. 



Catherine got moved to a small house, where she saw Lola, Lola told Catherine that William and her daughter Margaret had died from an illness a few months back. Catherine lived there for five years and during these five years she was writing her life story. Catherine was lying in her bed with Lola at her side, and she said looking at all the pages she had wrote "I will not survive this illness.." she had said, she gave the pile of pages to Lola and said "Could you give this to my children when they are old enough to understand" Lola took the pile and said "I will, i promise" Lola was leaving but Catherine said looking at her locket "Lola, could i be buried next to your brother Robert with the locket and the ring on" Lola smiled and said leaving "Of course".


Half-conscious Catherine saw Robert sat in the chair next to the bed holding her hand and he said "I love you" and she replied by saying "I love you too..." while Lola went to see how Catherine was doing and she saw Catherine talking to her self, Hallucinating so she didn't bother her. Robert smiled and said "Come back with me" Catherine looked at Robert and said "How? what do i have to do?" Robert smiled and said "Close your eyes and count to three" she closed her eyes and counted to three slowly drifting off, a few minutes later Catherine had died. Twelve years had passed and Lola got out of the carriage with the pile of papers and it even had Catherine's map, when she saw the prince and princess she bowed and said "Your graces, i'm so glad you came" she then handed the papers to Isabella. 


Later that day, Isabella and Julien were sat by the side of the river. Julien read the papers to Isabella "My dearest children, you don't know me but i'm our mother. If i could only see you now, Isabella did you inherit Phillip's temper? and you Julien, do you have your father's eyes? i do not know if you hate me..." after he finished reading the whole pile of paper he said "Oh wait.. there a last paragraph it says I love you both, so very much, your mother, Catherine".

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