The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


7. The dreams

Catherine dreamed that she was walking in the woods alone at night . She was walking until she saw the girl with white hair "Who are you?" Catherine had asked, the girl just ran away giggling. Catherine ran as fast as she could to catch the girl and soon she had lost the girl's track. She then heard some noises behind her, she turned around facing the source of the sound, seeing as there was nothing there she turned around again and she saw a Taipan snake one of the most dangerous snake in Iskira. She took a branch from the ground and held it high as to hit the snake, the venomous snake backed away, she was relieved but only for a second as she heard another sound that came from behind her she looked and saw a leopon. The leopon had the height of a lion and the colouring of a Leopard but it still had the mane of a lion, it growled at her she wanted to run away but it bit her leg. She screamed and fell onto the ground, she then saw the girl with white hair on top of the hill saying something in a strange language, she then heard crows coming her way she looked for an escape but she only saw the crows coming towards her, when the crows arrived to her they started picking her eyes out, she curled into a ball and screamed. She jolted awake screaming, she was shaking and crying. Robert was awoken by Catherine's scream and jogged to the bed, he sat next to her and hugged her tightly and said while rocking her back and forth slowly “Shhhh it's alright... you're safe now shhh” she hugged him back letting him comfort her. After a few minutes she fell back to sleep, as he was going back to the couch he noticed that one of the candles was still on fire he found that weird and tough “Didn't i put out all the candles earlier?” he shrugged, putted it out and went back to sleep on the couch.


The next morning, Catherine woke up on her side she rubbed her eyes and sat up. To her surprise she saw that Robert was awake and changing his shirt, she could only see him from the back and he had no shirt on. She yawned and he looked at her putting his shirt on and said “Did you sleep well?” she didn't answer and with that he went to the kitchen. She putted her dress on but she had trouble tying a ribbon on the back of her dress, Robert came in and saw that she needed help, he took the ribbon and while he was tying it he said “This is our life now Catherine, it's not the one we chose, but we are married and we cant be un-married i wont pretend that i love you but we should probably start liking each other at least” he then finished tying the ribbon and went to work. That day Catherine and Lola were working in the field when suddenly Lola said “So who was it with you and Robert?” Lola thought about that grimaced and said “No no no never mind i don't want to hear about that!” Catherine made a face and said “Nothing happened Lola he sleeped on the couch and i on the bed”.  


As the day came to an end Catherine and Robert were eating supper and talking about nothing and everything until Robert asked “Do you remember about what happened yesterday?” she nodded and said “It was just a nightmare” he looked at her and asked curiously “What was it about?” she was now washing the dishes and said “It was nothing..just a bad dream” after that she was going back to her room and Robert said “Catherine?” she looked at him and he got out an old looking ring with a small purple stone on it. He handed it to her and he said “I made it for you today as a wedding gift, i hope it fits” she then putted on the ring and said “Thank you, it's beautiful” and she then went to get change and went to sleep on the bed while Robert slept on the couch.


During the night it was raining hard and there was thunder as well. Robert had woken up by the sound of rustling, he looked over to the bed were his wife was sleeping she was tossing and turning while mumbling incomprehensible words. Just when he got up a lightning struck the ground, and Robert saw with his own eyes the candle lighting itself up all alone. He putted it out and brought it to the kitchen, and then another lightning struck, and the candle started up again, he looked over to the candle and said “Come on are you kidding me?! ” he putted it out again. Catherine woke up in a jump, she looked around the room and saw that it was still dark outside and then an other lightning struck and a candle on the side of the window started all alone, she got scarred and yelled out “Robert!” he came rushing in and said “What's wrong” she pointed at the candle and said “Look” he looked and saw that the candle was on.


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