The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


20. The court

The next day the king had gone to the town, when he came back Catherine was surprised to see that he was not alone but he was accompanied by a two year old boy with black hair and red eyes. Catherine gasped and the king bowed to her and said "My queen, i thought our son needed a playmate sooo i brought my son Fredrick..." when he saw Isabella he pointed to Fredrick and said "Isabella come here, this is your brother Fredrick..." Catherine steeped in and said "Half-brother"  Isabella and Fredrick smiled and ran to the gardens to play. Catherine stared at Phillip and said "Might i talk to you in private Phillip" the king nodded and said "Of course".


When they got to her room he closed the door and said to his wife "What's wrong ?"  she looked out of the window to see Isabella playing tag with Fredrick. She turned to her husband and said "You want to know what's wrong?" Phillip nodded his head yes, and she said angrily "You have  brought your bastard to live and to be raised in the castle!" Phillip came to hug her but she said "Don't touch me!". Phillip then said "I don't see the harm in having my bastard son living in the castle with us..." she looked at him in disbelief and he said before leaving "I will come and visit you tonight Catherine".


Catherine went to the nursery that was in another room in the castle and saw that Julien was sleeping so she went to the gardens to watch over Isabella she then said "Come Isabella we have to go to the throne room" Isabella held Fredrick's hand and said "Come brother". When they arrived at the throne room Catherine sat down in her throne with Phillip sat in his, Isabella and Fredrick ran around the court room. A few seconds later Catherine saw a boy with curly brown hair and a girl with dark brown hair before they made eye contact Catherine said "Might i be excused?" Phillip looked at her and said "Go ahead". Catherine walked to her two best-friends and when they saw her the girl said "Catherine!" Catherine looked at her two friends, William looked exactly like his father and when she looked at Lola she saw that she had a huge belly and she said to them "Lola, William it's been so long" they hugged each other  and then Catherine said looking at Lola "Is it William's?" Lola nodded and said "Wow look at you living in a fancy palace, where's  the queen?" Catherine laughed and said " i'm the queen" they laughed and Lola said "Where's my brother?" just then Robert hugged his sister and the king said "My queen, who are these people?". Catherine brought her two friends to the front and said sitting in her throne "They are my dearest friends, this is Lola and he is William". 


The next day, while Catherine and Lola were catching up in the gardens Isabella came to Catherine and said pointing to Lola's belly "Mommy what's in her belly?". The two girls laughed and Lola said "There's a baby in my stomach, princess" Isabella smiled and said "That's silly" and then she ran to a tree to play with Fredrick. Lola looked at Catherine and said "How many children do you have?" Catherine smiled and said "Two" Lola looked at the boy with black hair and said "Was he your first born?" Catherine shook her head and said "No, he's the king's bastard son, Isabella is my first born and my second born Julien is just a week old".

Catherine then said to her friend "Is it your first?" Lola nodded and said "We wanted it for so long", watching the little girl Lola said "Why does she have white hair?" "My husband's sister cursed her when she was in the womb" Catherine responded.

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