The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


15. The ceremony

Three months later,Catherine was sitting in her bed reading a book when suddenly she got the urge to vomit, she turned to the piss pot that was on the side of the bed and puked in it.

Her two ladies looked at her and the blonde girl said to the redheaded girl that was next to her "Do you think she's sick" the red headed girl laughed and said "No you fool... she's pregnant" Catherine looked at them and said "How do you know?" the girls came to her and said "Your belly is getting swollen and you also vomit every morning it can't be clearer than that your grace".


She had told her husband the king who was more than happy, he organised a celebration for the queen and their soon to be heir. Three months had passed and every noble was at the celebration, even Robert who stood behind the king. Catherine was six months pregnant and was wearing a red dress, the corset stopped under her breasts and then the skirt started from there to the ground, everyone was having a good time until the announcer said "My lords and ladies, the king's sister.. the lady Sophia" gasps were heard all around the room. Catherine whispered in Phillip's ear looking at the brown haired girl coming in the room "why haven't i met her yet?"


Phillip whispered back to his wife "You haven't met her because she has been banned years ago from ever setting foot  in the castle".The lady Sophia walked over to the throne,she curtsied before the queen and king and said "You forgot to invite me brother why?" Phillip looked at his sister and said irritated "Why are you here sister?" the lady Sophia looked at the queen and said "Might i touch your belly?"  the king said before letting his sister touch Catherine's belly "On one  condition you will need to leave and never return after" Sophia agreed and she then touched Catherine's belly with her two hands and said a curse and it went like this "This child shall have hair as white as snow, she will have beautiful skin..but, she will bring destruction and chaos ". Before she could say any more the king said "Guards! arrest her!". The guards circled her and she looked at the king and said while waving her finger "tsk tsk tsk, that was naughty little brother and for that you shall never find me again!" Sophia said something and then purple smoke came from under her. When the smoke cleared the guards looked for Sophia but never found her, she had vanished.


Three months had passed and Catherine was walking with the king and Robert, the king said to her "How about this you name the first, and i the second and on like that" she was about to respond but suddenly she felt pains in her stomach, she stopped walking and supported her weight onto the wall. Phillip turned around and said "What's wrong?" Robert looked at the king and said "She's in labor, your grace" Phillip looked at Robert panicking "What should we do?!" Robert just took Catherine in his arms and carried her to her chambers followed by the king. 


As Catherine was pushing the old woman looked at her and said "A true queen delivers in silence and with dignity" the blonde haired girl looked at the old woman and said "She is the queen! you have no right to talk to her that way!".  Three more pushes and a baby was born, The redheaded girl washed the baby, wrapped it in a white blanket and gave it to the queen. The king then came into the room and said "Leave us" all the people left except  for  the king, Catherine and the baby. He sat next to her and said "Which is it?" she looked at the baby smiling and said "A healthy baby girl" he looked at the baby and he said "What will you name her?" Catherine didn't hesitate she just answered "Isabella" "A name fit for greatness.." Phillip had then said.



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