The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


2. The birth

A few days later it was Sunday, every one went to the church to pray for to the gods and when the prayers were over all of the woman and children would go sit by the river , the woman would knit blankets and clothes while they talked and gossiped and the children would run around the river while the men would continue to work.


On the river side the girls were sat in a semi-circle knitting and laughing until they heard a splash, they then heard crying, they looked for who it was until Catherine ran to her mother and said sobbing "Mommy!!!!" Anne got up and ran to Catherine saying "What happened and why are you all wet?" a few other girls brought her a blanket and a woman named Susan asked Catherine "Who did that to you my dear?" Catherine was still sobbing and said "Robert pushed me in the water!" Susan got up and said "Robert, you are in big trouble mister! We are going home this second young man!" a boy of about four years of age came to Susan, he had dark brown hair and brown eyes, Susan said "Robert say your apologies to Catherine"  "sorry" he mumbled and with that Susan and Robert went back to their home.


A few hours had passed and every one was back in their homes, it was now eleven at night every one was asleep, well almost every one. Anne stayed awake in a bench at their house, it had two bed rooms if you didn’t count the attic it even had a fire place close to the kitchen. She walked over to Catherine's bed room she looked in the crack of the door and she saw that she was sound asleep in her crib.  Anne smiled,closed the door and went back to reading her book by the fire place. It had been thirty minutes and Louis had just arrived from work and pined Anne to the wall kissing her passionately before they got any further Anne asked him “Wow! I don’t know if your just happy to see me or..” he took off his shirt and said smirking “It's your eighteenth birthday today and it is only fitting that i give you a present”.


Six months had passed since then and as Margaret was due any day now and she had the task of baby-sitting Catherine, who was now two and a half years old and she was a very hyper girl. It was a beautiful august morning and every one was either in the fields of out getting supplies for the winter, everything was fine until Margaret started to get pains in her belly Catherine noticed and said "What's wrong?" Margaret knew it was time and said calmly "Catherine i need you to run as fast as you can to find your mother in the fields and bring her here, can you do that for me?" Catherine was more than happy to do it, she ran as fast as she could and when she found her mother she said "Mommy, Margaret wants you to come home" Anne thought for a few seconds and said " It's happening! " she drooped her basket and ran back with Catherine.


A day and a half into labour she pushed one last time and she finally heard the small cry she had been waiting for, she got congratulated for the birth and then she looked in the direction of Anne who was the one who helped deliver the baby,she had her back facing Margaret with the child in her arms washing it carefully.  Anne gave the baby to her and said “It's a healthy baby boy, congratulation” and then left as it was raining out side Anne ran back to her house as Maria and Jane came into their shared house. Margaret cried of happiness while taking one of the baby's hands in hers and said "Hello there, William" even if he was only a few minutes old he had a small duvet of curly brown hair like his dad and had green eyes just like both of his parents. Maria and Jane came into their friends room, to see the new mother.


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