The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


16. The bastard and the masquarade

A month later Isabella was baptized princess of Iskira, all the court could see that Sophia's spell worked  as the princess had hair as white as snow but she had Phillip's light blue eyes. A  few months later, Phillip had started going to brothels in the town. One night Phillip and Robert came back to the castle obviously drunk and she heard Phillip say to Robert "Why does the town smell of shit? i have the smell of shit in my nose... oh and look at that i have shit on my shoes.." when he saw Catherine he bowed and said "Your Majesty, come have a drink with us." she looked at Phillip and said sternly " Phillip, do you find it appropriate to get drunk at whorehouses and act up every night for everyone to see?!" Phillip looked down and Robert said "Catherine  i'm sure the people don't.." she looked at Robert and said " I'm not interested in your opinion Robert" Phillip looked at her and said with a smile "I apologize but my mistress just had my baby, a boy"  she just stared at him and  said "a bastard boy" and she walked back to her room.


During a council meeting king Phillip stood up and said "My dear council, the people of the town shall suffocate no more on the smell of their own waste  i want the town to be clean because each time i went there it smells..." while he was looking for a word to describe his feeling Robert said "It smells bad" the king looked at him and said "so bad, which is why i want the town to smell no more".

A year had passed and there was now a masquerade ball in the castle, while the king danced around in the crowd Robert saw a girl with brown hair dressed in a pink dress, with a dark blue mask with peacock feathers on it. He walked to the girl and said "Queen Catherine" she turned to face his and said "Robert you recognized me" he smiled and said "I would recognize you anywhere Catherine" she looked at her feet and he just said " Would you like to dance? " she nodded and she danced with him, in the dance the had to turn but when they did, they stared straight into each others eyes and it felt as if the whole world had slowed down. After the dance Robert had left to go to the hallway,  "She's married to the king what are you thinking?! I can never have her now..."he said to himself. Just then Catherine walked beside him, she stared at him and then he kissed her, after the kiss she said "We can''s to dangerous" and then she walked away.



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