The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


21. The arrest

A few months later, and Lola had delivered of a girl and she named her Margaret but then they had to go back to their town. Today it was Catherine's birthday  and she had asked the king "Might i go on a trip?" the king then said "For what?" she showed him the map and said "I have to finish this  Phillip, please" he just stared at her and said "No". A year later Julien was crowned prince and heir to the throne, the king had decided to throw a ball for his queen, When the end of the ball arrived she was about to go dance with Robert, but the king asked her first, after the dance the ball ended and every one went home, before leaving to her rooms she whispered in Robert's ear "Come to me, my love".


An angry mob of people started to go to the castle. Phillip was in his bed frightened when suddenly a bunch of guards came into the room. He yelled to them "No! stay away!" a guard replied to the king saying "Calm down, your grace. we have come here to save you" the king looked at them and said "Are they in the castle?" the guard just said "Any minute now and the only way to stop them is to give them Robert" Phillip looked at the window and then to the guard and said "No i can't do that" another guard then said "Your grace..." Phillip got up and stared out the window to see his people and he said "I can't! i can't and i wont do it!" an old lady appeared and said "Your grace.." he looked at her and said "What is it?"  she looked at the king and said "I have something to tell you... Robert and the queen have been plotting to kill you" the king looked round the room and she continued saying "I overheard them talking about the young prince and how it's not your child..."  


Phillip looked at her angrily and said "No it's not true, Julien is my son"  he then sat on his bed and she said "I heard them plan your death as well... i have no reason to lie i am a nun" the guards then gave him a paper and he said "What's this?" and the guard said "It's a paper for their arrest, you just need to sign it". The king looked at the paper in his hands and said "I can't"the nun sat beside the king and said "Your grace listen to your people, act before it's too late" the king just said "I can't do that to Robert, he's my best-friend..." the nun sighed and said "You can and you will sign it" he just looked at the paper and said "I can't!" and she said a bit louder "Sign it!" he then said "No!" and she yelled at the king "Sign it!" the king then closed his eyes and signed the paper. The guard took the paper and left with the others leaving the king alone in the dark. Phillip said to himself shaking "What have i done!".


Meanwhile in his room, Robert was getting ready to go see Catherine. He looked in his drawer to find the key to open the secret door, he took it but then he heard foot steps getting louder and he hid the key in the drawer, he closed it before they came into the room. When the guards came in the room one said "Lord Robert, you are under arrest for conspiring against the king of Iskira" Robert just looked at them and said "Let's see what the king has to say..." the guard then said "The king already signed the paper for your arrest, take him" they then took him away to the dungeon.


In her room Catherine's ladies were getting her dress off but then a loud knock came to the door. The three ladies turned to the door and then a guard said through the door "open the door in the name of the king!" she nodded and one of her ladies opened the door. When the guards came through the door she said "Where's Phillip?" when they did not answer she said "Step aside," when they did not she said " I command that you step aside, i am your queen! I want to see Phillip!" a guard then said "Catherine, it's over". 


The guards then took her to the nursery to take her children, she walked hand in hand with her three year old dughter Isabella and one of her ladies had Julien in their arms. "I hope it's worth it to you" Catherine said to a guard "They'll kill Robert!" the guard then said "No one is getting killed, he'll only be banished..." she interrupted saying "You fucking idiot". When they arrived at the stairs she saw the nun walking down when they made eye contact Catherine said "Are you here to celebrate my arrest?" the nun just said "The children will stay here"  Catherine looked at the old women and said "What?" the old lady stepped in front of the queen and said "You heard me, the children will stay here with their father" Catherine looked straight into the nun's eyes and said "No, they will come with me!". The old woman grabbed Isabella to bring her to the stairs by force. While she did that Catherine said "Don't touch her!" Catherine would not let go of Isabella so guards had to drag Catherine a few feet away from her daughter, Catherine struggled and yelled  "Let her go you monster!". The old lady finally brought Isabella and Julien to the stairs and Catherine stared at the old lady crying "Please, don't do this, let my children come with me" the old lady was about to let the children go with their mother but instead she just said "Guards take her away"  as she was being taken away she said to her daughter crying "Isabella, don't be afraid. Mommy will come back soon" Isabella looked at her mother getting teary eyes, "Mommy will come back soon!" Catherine yelled one more time before being taken away.

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