The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


12. Royal wedding

The date was July 30th 1400, it was time for the royal wedding. Catherine was all dressed in white and was walking down the aisle the king waiting for her at the end of it, they had said their vows and then Catherine got crowned queen of Iskira. After the coronation, everyone went to the celebration.

Three hours into the celebration Catherine said to the king "Might i be excused, your grace" he looked at her and said "Of course, go on". Catherine walked to  where Robert was and started talking to him, when the king saw this he was annoyed and he got up and said loudly enough for everyone to hear "Time for the bedding ceremony" cheers were heard around the room. Robert held Catherine's hand and said whispering in her ear "Don't fight him i'm afraid of what he will do to you if you do that". The king looked at his new wife going to her chambers and said "Come Robert !" the brown haired boy looked to his feet and went to the kings room with Phillip.  


Catherine sat on her bed in her room,dressed only in her night gown, her ladies perfuming her slightly. The moment she dreaded the most had arrived the king was there. Before all the ladies left one of her ladies whispered in her ear "It will be alright" and then all the ladies left even Robert had left, there was only Catherine and the king in the room.  The king sat next to her and kissed her passionately getting on top of her, she got scarred and pushed him away saying "Your grace, might i have one more night alone ?" The king stood up and said "No and i am not like Robert, we are man and wife and we will consummate our union tonight". 

Phillip looked at her, his eyes became a darker shade of blue and he said "Now... take off your clothes and lie down" Catherine sat there speechless. He went to blow out all the candles in the room and Catherine went under the covers and took her night gown off, suddenly her worst fear came true Phillip blew out the last candle. 


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