The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


8. Revalations

The dreams happened for three days straight, on the third day Catherine went to visit her family when she got in she hugged her mother and father. Louis said “So how's going your married life?” Catherine made a face and said “Horrible” Louis laughed and said "That's my girl!" Anne looked at him with a frown and said "Don't encourage her" he hen looked at his daughter and said faking an authority like tone "Yes your mothers right". Catherine laughed and said looking at her parents "Something strange has happen during the past three days" Louis looked at Anne, took her hand and said 'What's wrong love?" Catherine took a deep breath and said "At night a candle turns on all by itself and i'm scarred" Louis looked at his daughter and said "I was afraid this would happen, take a seat Catherine". "There's something you must know about our family" Anne said, Louis got out a book and putted it at the page that had a family tree on it he showed Catherine and said "Our family is different than others, what you have experienced was sorcery, not the one of a a stranger, it was your own" Catherine looked at them and said "Witches were exterminated years ago by king Henry". Louis looked at his daughter and said "Not all of them my sweat child , you see your mothers is a descendant of a long line of great witches and wizards and my mother had witches blood flowing in her veins and so do i” Anne took Louis's hand and said “And so does our children” Catherine looked up from the book and said "I don't believe this! My whole life has been a lie". Louis said "If you don't learn to control it, it could get worse. When you get scarred things might turn into fire, like the candles. All you have to do is control your breathing and calm down" Catherine stared at her feet and said "but what if i can never control it?" Anne looked at her daughter and said "you're our daughter and i believe that you will be able to control it" Catherine looked at he parents and said "So.. my powers just appeared out of thin air?" Louis laughed and said "Children with a witches blood have always had them but their power amplifies at 16 years of age Catherine"  Anne interrupted and said "Do you remember all these trips to the woods? When we would sing some songs in a different language?" "Yes?" Catherine said curiously. Anne continued by saying "These were spells, that we made you and your brother learn at the early ages of one years old, and this book is the most precious item we have, it will not be damaged by fire, nor by water. It will only be destroyed by a dragon blade, and if it is destroyed the line will end". Catherine was sat trying to get all of this information to sink in and said "But wait who else was a witch in our family?" Anne smiled and said "Do you remember your aunt Isabella?" Catherine thought and said "Auntie Isabella had golden hair and blue eyes, i only recall her vaguely why?" Anne said "She was a witch as well".


Just as she was leaving she asked "What about the girl?" Louis looked at her and said cautiously "What girl?" Catherine putted a strand of hair behind her shoulder and said "A girl with white hair keeps appearing in my dreams and i don't know who it is" Louis looked at her and said "That's just your imagination or a prediction, you will have to find out". Just as Catherine was leaving, Louis hugged her and said “Don't tell anyone and be careful, we love you Catherine”.


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