The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


4. Return

Four months after the news was heard and Margaret was walking by the river when suddenly she heard a boy scream "A boat is here!". Margaret walked to the harbour and saw  a boat dock onto the it, she waited and waited in hope to see Harry's familiar face but it never came so she started walking away until she heard a familiar voice call her name. She stopped in her tracks and said in disbelieve "Harry?"  the voice called again but this time it came closer she turned around and  said "Harry!" and to her luck it was him. She looked around her in the crowd of people until she stared into his familiar green eyes,without hesitating she was now running up to him and at the same time he ran to her. When they reached each other Margaret hugged him tightly and said while sobbing  "Don't let me go" he hugged her back and said "I won't, i promise" he then said  "I lost you once and i won't lose you twice Margaret".


When Margaret and Harry came into her house, she realized that Louis, Anne, Maria, Jane and Catherine were there. The first one to notice Harry was there was Louis, he ran up to his brother and hugged him tightly and so did the rest except for Catherine who just stood there and said "Mum  who's that?". They all laughed and Margaret came back from her bedroom with something in her arms, she looked at Harry and said "There's someone i would like you to meet" she came closer to Harry and said "Harry i would like you to meet William, your son" Harry looked at the smiling baby with curly brown hair and green eyes and said his voice getting emotional "He is?"  Margaret smiled, she looked at him and said "Yes he is".  Harry started shed  a few tears of joy and said "May i?" Margaret smiled and handed the baby to him, Harry looked at the sleeping baby  and said "Hello there William... daddy's home". 


Later that night after Harry and Margaret had the sexy time, Harry gave Margaret a necklace that had a silver moon attached with a golden sun, she looked at the necklace and said "What's this?" he cuddled with her and said with a smile "I am your Moon and you are my Sun and Stars, it's only fitting that i give this to you so you don't forget" Margaret smiled back and said  "How could i forget, you are my one true love".




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