The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


5. Death

Thirteen years had passed and it was now an early summer's day, the moon had just started to set and all the children were sleeping except for a certain 16 year old girl. Catherine had gone hunting in the woods as she always did when she was either sad or angry, this time she was mad as she had just learned the day before that she had to marry Robert, Lola's brother and the wedding was just two weeks away. Anyways she was armed with her bow and arrow and she was dressed in a green dress that was paired off with brown leather boots, she had kept her curly brown hair loose. She had been walking fore an hour now, all was quiet until she heard a noise coming from the bushes. She got closer to the bush and slowly putted an arrow on the bow aiming at the bush, suddenly a girl with white hair that was dressed in a light turquoise dress came out of the bush and looked around in a hurry and stared at Catherine. The girl who had just came out of the bushes got out an old looking map out of her cape and gave it to Catherine and just before she left she said “Don’t give it to anyone” and just like that she disappeared back into the woods.


After this disappointing hunt Catherine went back into town to the butcher's market to buy some meat, when she got there the butcher looked at her and said examining a freshly cutted piece of meat “This is one of the most delicious parts of an elk and it will melt in your mouth when you eat it” she looked at the man and asked “How much?” the butcher laughed and said “It's way to expensive for a farmer's girl like you”. Catherine leaned in and said to him “ bullshit, i have something i could trade for that” the man looked at her in curiosity, she got the map out of her hunting bag and putted it on the counter that separated them. And said “What do you think its worth?” the man looked at her and said “Piss off, it's just a piece of paper girl now go away” Catherine took the map back and as she was going home she saw alot of people running in the same direction so she followed soon to be joined by William and Lola, her two best-friends. William  was thirteenth but she had to admit it he was starting to get fit and also started to look a bit like a man,he wore brown pants and a long sleeved white shirt  he had his curly brown hair swooshed on the left side of his face above his eyebrow. She looked at her friends and asked “What's happening?” William said “The creature struck again, the bells rang” Lola continued to explain “Didn’t you hear them Catherine?” to which she responded by saying “No i was out in the woods” just after she said that she heard a woman crying so they went where the crowd was.The body was found near the river, she couldn't clearly see who's body it was so she went up to the front where she saw her mother and father crying holding the body, she came closer and saw it her 12 year old brother James,dead in their arms. She came closer and yelled out “James!” she then started crying and sat next to her parents who were also crying.


That night they organized a small funeral in their house, the body had been cleaned up and had been putted on a table on the side of the living room. A lot of people came to their house including Margaret and William who had just came in. When they came in Catherine ran to Margaret and gave her a big hug “Shh its all gonna be alright my sweat, sweat girl” Margaret had said “The creature will be found and killed i promise you that” Catherine said in Margaret's ear “if the creature will die it will be, by my doing”. After Margaret and William left, someone knocked at their front door Louis answered it and welcomed Lola's family inside their house. When they were inside Lola's father shook Louis's hand and said “He was a nice lad, I’m so sorry” Catherine noticed that Lola wasn't there but Robert was so she climbed up into her room that was situated in the attic as she wanted her privacy and she then sat on her bed. Anne excused herself and joined her daughter in the attic and said to her “He is your fiancée now, he's....” only to be cut off by her daughter saying “but i barely even know him!” Anne patted Catherine's hand and said “You'll get to know him, now go down there please”. 


When she got down, she didn't even look at him she just went directly at the chair that was close to the fire place and stared at the fire. Every one stayed in silence for a few minutes until Robert said to Louis “Come with us to the tavern, let's let the woman grieve in their own way” and so Louis gave Anne a kiss on the forehead and left with the two other men to the tavern. But just before Robert left she looked at him. He was a black smith's apprentice. He was now 18 years old, he was just two and a half years older than her, his dark brown hair was swooshed on the left side of his face and it stopped just above his eyebrows and he was wearing brown pants and a brown jacket covering his white shirt underneath it, she had to admit it he was handsome but she would not succumb to his charm. The next day they buried James in the towns cemetery.


A week later, Catherine was walking with Lola when suddenly Robert went to them and said “Hey Catherine” she looked at him then to her best-friend who was just on her way to her own house “Well i'm just going to leave you guys alone now sooo.....” Catherine looked at Robert who got out from his back three flowers: one was blue, the other red and the last one yellow. He gave it to her and said “My father has begged me to give this to you as a pre-wedding gift from our family” she smelled the flowers and said “Thank you Robert” and then she walked back to her house. 

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