The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


2. New Recruits

“Why doth Fury make us wait? My patience is running thin” Thor said angrily as he paced about the conference table, hitting his hammer against his hand impatiently.

“Whoa there big guy, why are you in such a hurry?” Bruce Banner asked curiously, “You’re never one to be impatient”

Thor ground his teeth together, “I left my lovely evening with Jane Foster because of this ‘urgent’ matter for Fury. I would quite like to get on with this or get back to her, none of this waiting around nonsense”

“I’m sure Fury will be here soon Thor, he’s only a few minutes late” Hawkeye said. He sat beside Natasha Romanov at the table. Beside her sat Captain America, aka Steve Rogers who was mindlessly drumming his fingers on the table. The team- or part of it anyways- had gathered on Fury’s new and improved carrier boat, travelling off the coast of Hawaii. It resembled the old SHIELD station very well, right down to the large command center and layout. 

The group turned to the door as two figures walked in. A collective sigh went through the group as Tony Stark, dressed in his classic pinstripe 3 piece suit, walked into the room.

“I’m going to ignore that sigh and pretend that you all missed me, like I know you did” Tony said cheekily. He walked up to Thor, “Hey thundergod, how are things in the great beyond?” patting him on the back. Tony turned to Bruce Banner before Thor could answer, “And Banner! How’s the little green monster handling? I haven’t seen any skyscrapers go down lately so I’m thinking pretty good.” Banner rolled his eyes as Tony turned to the table. Tony saluted Steve Rogers mockingly, “Cap! Heard about your tongue action with Black Betty here, good show! First kiss since when, 1945?”

“Enough Stark.” Steve said quickly. He quickly glanced at Steve Barton (Hawkeye) who had tensed up and added, “That was to avoid HYDRA agents and you know it”

“Whatever you say Cap” Tony said waving Roger’s word’s aside. “So when are we getting this part started? I have an 8 o’clock with a firery red-head.”

“We all have somewhere we’d rather be Stark, be patient” Natasha said quickly when she say Thor’s tightened features.

“Thank you all for coming at such late notice, I appreciate it”

 Nick Fury entered the command center and regarded his team with one eye. His other, covered in a black eye patch was opposite to the cane he used to support his weight. Fury saw Tony looking at his cane and sighed.

“I’ll give you one go Tony. After that, no more talking until I’m done explaining” Fury told the cheeky play-boy billionaire.

Tony shook his head and waved his hand and then burst out, “God bless us everyone, eh Tiny Tim?”

Instead of rolling his eye and turning away, Fury shook his head and muttered, “Let’s hope so”. He gestured for the team to huddle around the table as he touched a few buttons, bringing up a few videos. The first two had thumbnails of the destruction in San Francisco. The third one had images of a vortex shaped funnel. Fury played the three short videos for the group and leaned back with his arms crossed waiting for their reactions.

“What exactly is this sir?” Captain America asked.

“It’s a wormhole” Tony Stark replied faintly.

“Not just any wormhole, but one coming from somewhere in space and connecting to…us, the Earth.” Bruce Banner added. He turned to Fury, “Do you know where it’s coming from and where it’s going to hit?”

Fury shook his head, “No, I’m hoping you and Tony can work together again and figure it out. I’d also like you to examine the slime that was responsible for the Golden Gate Bridge collapse and figure out where it came from.” The two men nodded and moved to go to the lab.

“There’s a few more things to go over before you go.” Fury said stopping them in their tracks. He silently placed the gold figurine of the horned helmet on the table infront of him.

“Is that what I think it is?” Hawkeye asked. All eyes turned to Thor.

“Loki? But-how? He’s dead.” Thor asked, “I SAW HIM DIE, THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE” Thor said pounding the table.

“This fits his MO Thor, the wormhole, destruction of human life, mass mayhem, it all points to Loki” Fury said over the pounds. “I hope will some recon we can get to the bottom of who is behind this.” Fury clasped his hands together, “We’ve also detected some peculiar cosmic energy around the city of Dubai, detected by your friend Erik Selvig. That, paired with unfamiliar movements of Shang Le’Cheung- Dubai’s leading mobster- and his group concerning weapons and certain interest in nuclear warfare, makes us worried.” Fury turned to face to windows of the room, “Very worried.”

Silence continued on the group until Fury turned to face them again. “So, with this added threat of nuclear warfare, I have decided to add a few members to your team.”

“Excuse me what?” Tony interrupted, “I think we did a bang up job in New York, why disrupt our balance?”

“Because New York was chaotic. The Avengers can’t risk destroying half the city again Tony” Fury replied harshly. “This isn’t a request, the decision has been made.”

“Who will be joining us Sir?” Steve Rogers asked.

“Your friend Falcon has already agreed to join us. We’ve made a few upgrades on his suit and he and Agent Hill have been working closely together for the past few weeks going over in-air combat.”

“Hopefully not too closely am I right Banner?” Tony said winking.

“The other recruit is new to everyone,” Fury said over Tony again. “She is a bit less experienced than you all but I believe she will be a good asset to the team with her unique skills.”

“She? We’re getting another girl?” Natasha asked quickly.

“Girl? Oh lovely, more raging hormones” Tony said rolling his eyes.


“Pfft from what I’ve seen Mr. Stark, you’ve taken up the ‘raging hormone’ category all by yourself” A voice called from out of the doors. 

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