The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


10. In the Public Eye

“Director Fury, I think you should see this” Agent Hill said as she turned up the TV monitor in the carrier lounge. The San Francisco newscaster’s voice carried across the room and everyone turned to look at the monitor.

“During the heroic Avengers actions today during the attack from extraterrestrial beings, we caught this amazing footage of their newest member, envisioning the image of Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl took off her cape and wrapped a woman who fell to her death from the Smith building. The woman was a Canadian citizen with a work visa. Lisa Westington, 23 years old was from a small town in northern Ontario. For confidential reasons we cannot reveal her exact information.” The image showed Beth taking off her cape and draping it over the woman. “Is this blonde female a set member of the Avengers? Did she know this woman? Who is Wonder Girl?”

Fury turned away from the monitor, “Where is Beth?”


Beth couldn’t remember how she got there or how long it took but suddenly she landed on the platform outside of Stark Towers. She kept her invisibility on as she walked towards the glass door and pressed in the combination. Pepper Potts had msged Beth saying to call or come over whenever she needed some girl time. Beth stepped through the doors and heard Jarvis announce her.

“Ms. McCormack is here to see you Ms. Potts.”

“Thank you Jarvis” Pepper said politely, “Oh honey, it’s ok” Beth hadn’t realized she was crying until Pepper came up to her and gave her a big motherly hug.

“I-I knew her” Beth finally choked out.

“What sweetie?”  

Beth wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, “I knew the woman from the wreckage, the blonde. I grew up with her; she was a friend from my hometown. Her name was Emily.”

Pepper looked shocked, “T-this girl?” She turned up the volume and the newscaster’s voice echoed through the room, Wonder Girl took off her cape and wrapped a woman who fell to her death from the Smith building”

Beth looked up at the monitor in shock and watched silently as the newscaster continued, “-Did she know this woman? Who is Wonder Girl?”

Beth looked at Pepper in fear as a cold sweat went down her body, “They’re going to start investigating me, they think I know Emily and then they’ll find out who I am and why I left and-“

“Shhh it’s ok,” Pepper said consolingly, “I have a few friends in the press who don’t twist your words. What if you talked to them and covered your tracks?”

Beth nodded, “I could say I was very empathetic to the girl because she was around the same age and thought she deserved better than just lying on the ground or something?”

“Perfect. I’ll call them and you can clean yourself up” Pepper said as she walked towards the phone.

Beth looked down at herself and realized she was covered in dirt and dust from the fight. She sighed and walked to the bathroom to wash up.


“She took off her tracker, we can’t locate her” Agent Hill said looking over a screen.

“Tracker?” Captain America asked, “What tracker?”

“We put a tracker on the watch we gave her as a welcome gift” Fury replied, “We wanted to make sure we’d be able to find her if she ran away.”

Tony Stark snorted in laughter, “A watch tracker? Really? The kid’s probably seen a million spy movies with that trick; she’d find that in an instant”

“That doesn’t matter now, what matters is finding out where Beth went” Barton said a little harshly

“Right” Rogers said, “Let’s look at this logically; she’s too weak to fly for long let alone invisible. She should show up on our face recognition cameras soon enough.”

“Unless she found someone in the city to hide out with” Barton replied.

“Right, thanks. Love you too” Rogers and Barton turned to look at Stark who had just gotten off the phone. 

“Good news peeps, that was Pepper. Beth showed up at her door step about half an hour ago.” Stark told the Avengers.

“That’s impossible” Agent Hill said in a hushed tone, “New York is like a six hour plane ride, no way she made it there in that time.”

Dr. Banner stroked his chin thoughtfully, “Well we did see that she showed intense strength when she was emotionally compromised; fighting Stark in training and today after she saw that woman”

“Did Pepper say if Beth was still there?” Falcon asked Tony.

“She said Beth just finished making a call and then flew out again about 20 mins ago. She was only at the Tower for a few moments”

“Agent Hill, focus the recognition cameras on air space between our location and New York City. She would be too tired to be invisible after that flight” Fury ordered. Agent Hill nodded and turned to press a few buttons on her computer.

“Actually Pepper said she was flying to San Francisco now, I’d bet my suits Beth would be with her in the jet” Stark said.

“Agreed” Fury replied. He turned to Falcon, “Now tell us what happened with Thor and Loki”

“I got there in the middle of things so it’s kind of confusing but from what I got; Loki used his magic shit to make it seem like he had died when he actually lived and disguised himself as Thor’s father. No mention of where Thor’s father is now but Loki was ruling Asgard for the whole time Thor’s been on Earth and places with Jane Foster so that rattled him a bit. Thor left to go to Asgard and see what damage Loki has done and to find his father.” Falcon explained. He sat at the conference table and put his feet up, “I’m telling you, nothing beats watching a match between two Gods. That was some intense shit”

“It’s even better when The Hulk pummels Loki to the ground” Barton replied looking over at Dr. Banner, expecting him to react. But Dr. Banner wasn’t listening. Instead he picked up the remote control and turned up the news. The broadcast had been in a loop of reports of the Battle at San Fran but now a new broadcast came up.

Here is a special follow-up report on the mysterious Wonder Girl who took San Francisco by storm today with the Avengers.” The report switched gears and played a phone interview they had recorded.

This is Susan from the San Francisco News. Who is calling?” The reporter asked

“This is the individual you have nicknamed Wonder Girl. I just wanted to set some things straight before people assume too much. I have joined the Avengers for the moment and enjoyed defending San Francisco today with them. I’ve seen the footage you posted about me covering up the woman today. To be clear; I did not know her. I saw her body on the ground and thought she deserved a better burial than that so I removed my cape (which was quite a nuisance FYI). I don’t know, maybe I was just so overcome with empathy and sadness and that’s why I acted the way I did.”

“That is very fair to say, thank you for clarifying for us. Will we be seeing more of you?”

“If anyone needs help, I will be there.”

“One last question; what do you think of the name Wonder Girl?”

The phone Beth sighed, “To be honest Susan, I’m not a girl so I’m not too keen on the name”

Susan laughed, “That’s very true. How about Miss Wonder?”

Beth paused and then replied, “I actually really like that Susan, Miss Wonder it is. Thank you for your time”

“What-“ The Avengers turned to Fury, his voice very hard, “the hell was that?”

“Oh yeah Pepper mentioned she was on the phone with the press” Stark said as an after thought

“And you didn’t think I should know about that Stark?” Fury replied

Stark shrugged his shoulders, “Seemed like a good idea to me. The press would start digging up her past and try to tie her to that woman. We all know what a greaaat idea it is to dig up history right?” Stark said sarcastically, looking at the Avengers.

As Fury, Stark, and Rogers started arguing back and forth about privacy and protocol, Barton’s eyes flashed around the room as one of the doors from the deck opened. Any normal person would think it was a malfunction of the door as no one stepped through but with Barton’s bird-like eyesight he saw movement.

“Beth?” He asked stepping towards the invisible shadow. The arguing stopped as Beth materialized out of thin air.

“Where have you been?”

“We were worried about you”

“How did you fly to new York so fast?”

Director Fury cleared his throat and walked up to Beth, “Why did you not report in after the battle and why did you talk to the press without supervision?”

Beth shrunk back at first but then stood her ground, “Tony talks to the press all the time without supervision, why can’t I? I didn’t want them to tie Emily to me and dig up some things I wanted to be kept buried about my past and the only way to do that was to cut them off quickly.”

Fury opened his mouth to retort back but Beth continued.

“On another note, what gives you the right to put a tracker on me? I’m not some child who needs babysitting” Behind Fury, Stark snickered into his hand and winked at Beth. She ignored him, “Also, what the hell is with this uniform?” She asked gesturing towards her suit.

“W-we took the liberty of basing it off the style of some celebrities around your age” Fury said, off-put by Beth’s sass, “Miley Cryus, the Kardashians, are all supporting the cropped top, short shorts look.

“And you just assumed I would like to look like them” Beth accused, “Get to know your team Fury. I was raised by my grandmother. I wouldn’t wear this to bed let alone in public. I haven’t felt this exposed in my life!”

“Ok, we can talk to the design team tomorrow and start making a new outfit” Fury said. The anger in his face disappeared and he now supported a guilty look; one no Avenger has seen before.

“Thank you.” Beth replied, “I’m not a teenager Fury, don’t treat me like one” With that Beth turned on her heel and walked out the door towards the bedrooms. 

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