The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


14. "Hello Love"

“Does anyone have a location on Ms. Wonder yet?” Fury asked anxiously at the helm of his aircraft.

“Negative sir, no trace of her anywhere” Agent Hill replied tensely looking over her tablet.

Steve Rogers walked into the control room with clenched fists, “How can there not be a trace?!”

“Hey, it’s going to be ok” Jane Foster said reassuringly. “We’ll find her” She patted Steve’s arm in a motherly way and smiled up at him.

Darcy walked out from behind the round table, smiling appreciably at Steve’s buttocks and then added, “I’m sure we’ll hear from her soon-“

Thor suddenly walked into the control room. Jane ran up to him and after a quick embrace he turned to the Avengers. “Loki has Beth” he said in a grave voice. He produced a small floppy-disk-like object in his hand which Stark promptly took and put up on his screen. A video feed of Loki was soon projected onto the large screens surrounding the control room.

“Hello my dear Avengers.” Loki’s cheeky face said to the room. “I see you didn’t like my welcome back party in San Francisco? Too bad. I loved my little party favor…and I know Captain America does too.” Loki shifted away from the camera and Beth came into view. Her blonde hair was mangled and she was clutching her side. A blue arm held her hand behind her back and forced her head to look at the camera. A large scratch ran down the side of her neck down to her chest as if a long fingernail had drawn on her. There were other marks on her body as if she had just been in a gang fight.  As the Avengers watched, Beth struggled away from the blue figure and let out a faint cry of pain when she was unable to get free.

Loki’s face re-appeared, blocking Beth from view. He had a fake look of sympathy on his face, “I’m so sorry about your dear Ms. Wonder. My new friend had a little bit of fun with her unfortunately.” He shook his head, “Such a pity, think of her as my leverage. You leave my plans alone, and I’ll keep her alive. She’ll be my new Earth pet.” Loki walked over to Beth and ran a finger down her cheek, “I do like blondes”

The screen went blank as the video ended.

“Stark, can you trace where the video was made?” Barton asked crossing his arms.

Tony looked at the floppy-disk curiously, “This ancient artifact? Possibly, with a little downgrading”

“Then let’s go as soon as we get a location!” Rogers announced forcefully.

“We can help!” Darcy exclaimed pointing to her and Jane.

Thor drew Jane closer, “I will not let you risk your life for us again”

“Hey, if the Science Sisters want to join, what’s stopping them?” Tony asked spreading his arms out.

Thor walked up to Tony, “Me. Want a re-match Stark?” He asked.


The Avengers turned to Director Fury. He put his hands on his hips, “Nobody is going anywhere. Loki wants us to find him, we’d be walking into a trap.”

“We can’t just leave her there!” Rogers exclaimed, waving his arm in the air.

Fury held up a hand, “We won’t. In time we will find out more about where she is and what we can do to help. But for the meantime we are staying put. “



“I’m only going to ask you one more time: Tell us about your relationship with Captain America” Mystique told Ms. Wonder. Mystique drew her blue hand back and massaged it.

Beth spat the blood out of her mouth, “Why do you want to know?”

Mystique raised her hand again “Because while you’re locked up with me, Mystique will take your place with the Avengers. You worthless wench!” Loki said ask he came up to them. He pointed his scepter at Beth, “Now you will tell us what you know”

Beth’s face was of pure terror. Her hand shook as she wiped the blood from her mouth, “Fine.” She got up on one arm and stared fiercely at Loki and Mystique. “Captain America and I are in a relationship. We said ‘I love you’ to each other just before your attack on San Francisco. We are very much in love, we can’t keep our hands off each other, even in front of the Avengers. And…he likes it when I’m forceful with him in bed…”

Loki smirked, “Thanks love.” With a swing of his staff Beth was knocked out cold.  

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