The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


8. Bugs and Seul Rolik

Steve Rogers woke up the next morning at 6:00 am. He stretched his arms out and yawned, trying to wake himself up. Suddenly he realized he was alone in the bed. Steve looked all around the room and in the bathroom but Beth was nowhere to be seen. After he looked over the room many times he realized there was a sticky note on the bathroom mirror.


Woke up at 5:30, went to the roof to clear my head. I’ll be back soon don’t worry about me

<3 Beth

Ignoring her request to not worry, Steve immediately got dressed and took the stairs to the roof. He opened the door to the roof and saw Beth standing there in an oversized sweater looking over the city. The morning was crisp but the sun was warm. Steve came up beside her and took one of her hand sin his and gave it a squeeze.

Beth looked up at him and smiled then took her hand away. She bumped his arm friendlily, “We’re brother and sister remember? If anyone sees us they’ll suspect something”

Steve smiled a secret smile, “If anyone had seen us last night, they would definitely suspect something” Beth smiled at the memory. They had stayed up late being comforted by each other’s kisses. Captain America, being the respectable gentlemen that he was didn’t take it any further but Beth was fully content with that.

They stood there for a few more moments before the headed back down to their room. A few hours later they were on a carrier jet that was taking them back to Fury’s crater boat. As the boat came into view they could see a pinky sky behind it. The crew all oued and ahed over the colours but Beth muttered, “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”

Steve leaned in to her and asked almost in disbelief, “What did you say?”

Beth smiled almost in an almost embarrassed way, “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. It’s an old saying my grandma used to say”

Steve nodded, “Yeah I know it. I didn’t think anyone used it anymore”

Beth shrugged her shoulders, “People have said I’m kind of an old soul. Probably because my grandma raised me”

“What happened to-“ Steve’s question was cut off by the plane’s doors opening on the boat. Beth smiled at him and got off the plane and started walking through the doors of the crater.

After Steve and Beth were debriefed with Fury, Beth left the captain to talk to Fury and made her way to her bedroom. When the doors opened she stood there in shock for a few seconds then stormed out.

“What the hell is in our room?!” She asked Fury in the command room. She interrupted a heated conversation between Fury and Steve but she didn’t care. She was seeing red. “Where you SPYING on us? In our own room??” The two single beds had been replaced by a double. Fury obviously knew what had gone down between them in Dubai.

“That’s what I was talking to him about,” Steve said before Fury could speak, “This morning I found an electronic bug on the mirror and guessed it was him”

“Everything you do is monitored” Fury said defensively, “We couldn’t just let two of our members go through a mission unattended. What if you were double agents?”

“It’s still an invasion of privacy!” Beth said trying to make him see reason, “You could have at least warned us. It’s just a tad bit embarrassing for both of us. What if they got spread to everyone?”

“I can assure you it won’t.” Fury replied, “Unless you want us to take replace the bed?”

“No it’s fine” Beth replied flushing slightly. She started to walk away but glanced back, “I’m still mad though. I’m going to do a few laps if you need me” 

After she flew a few laps around the boat, alternating being invisible and not to try and increase her cardio, Beth showered and changed into black leggings and a red plaid shirt; her hair in a braided pony-tail high on her head. She smiled when she save Steve reading a book on their bed. Beth joined him and snuggled up beside him. His arm automatically rested on her side and she put her head on his chest.

“So what do you think about this?” Steve asked putting his book down. Beth looked at him, obviously confused so he continued, “Uh I mean, are we ah dating? Or do you still want this?”

Beth smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips, “Yes I want this and yes I would like to date. I mean if you want to” She said as an after-thought. He answered her question with a kiss. She let his lips stay a few more moments on hers before she pulled away. “One thing though. I’m not the biggest fan of public displays of affection. It just makes people uncomfortable you know?”

Steve smiled and wrapped his arms around her, “I couldn’t agree more. We’ll keep the PDA to a minimum”

The intercom in their room turned on, “Steve Rogers and Beth McCormack are needed in the command center for a group meeting now.”

“McCormack? That’s your last name?” Steve asked as they got up from the bed.

Beth smiled and said cheekily, “We share a bed but you don’t even know my last name? For shame Cap, for shame” She winked and led him out of the room to go see what Fury wanted.

“Both weapons, from Agent Hill’s attack and the more recent one on Captain America in Beijing, were built in similar ways. Obviously one can stun and the other contains materials that can burn and we think disintegrate compounds similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, but similar materials.” Fury explained to the Avengers in the command center.

“With the intel Captain America downloaded from Le’Cheung, we have learned that the mobster has been collecting nuclear weapons and stock piling them in an unknown location. We’ve also found out that Le’Cheung is being wired money from a person in San Francisco by the name of Seul Rolik.”

His explanation was met with very blank stares from the Avengers. The room was quiet until Beth said in a small voice, “Loki Rules” The team scoffed around her until they too saw the clever name switch.

“So it is Loki” Thor said in a far-off voice.

“Looks to be that way” Fury said grimly, “We obviously can’t tell for certain until we see him but this sends a pretty clear message it’s him, and he wants to rule humankind again”



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