The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


9. Battle of San Fran

Suddenly, every screen in the command center was blinking and flashing red. Every phone started to ring, every sensor went off. The crew on the ship started working immediately trying to figure out the problem.

“What is it?” Fury asked, “I need answers now!” He demanded.

Agent Hill ran over to one of the screens and turned back to Fury, “Loki’s attacking San Francisco”

There was a pregnant pause. Nobody moved or said anything. And then all at once the Avengers moved into action.

“Everyone suit up! We’ll take the fighter jet in 3 minutes!” Captain America ordered. He, Stark, Falcon, Hawkeye and the Black Widow ran to the weapons container to suit up and grab supplies. Dr. Banner and Thor moved out to the fighter jet; they were already in their uniforms.

Beth stood their awkwardly, waiting for Fury to give her orders. She didn’t have a suit and didn’t know how to fight with the team. Captain America poked his head in before going to the jet, “Beth are you coming?”

“She’ll join you a bit later, I have a job for her to do first” Fury replied, turning back from his command post. Captain America nodded and led the way to the jet with Agent Hill hot on his heels.


Loki hit San Francisco hard. He had destroyed the Oakland Bay Bridge and trapped many innocents in the heart of the city. This time his army looked slightly more human.  Parts of their body had been replaced with metal, resembling cyborgs. They all had weapons similar to the Agent Hill and Captain America attacks and were firing on innocent people and randomly at buildings.

“Iron Man, draw their attention to the sky and away from the people on the ground” Captain America said into his com in his ear.

“Right-O Cap, the ol’ dangling Stark up for bait card” Iron Man said sarcastically. He flew past a group of cyborg’s and blasted at them so they would pay attention to him. Iron Man flew straight up in the sky and hid behind the light of the sun while the Hulk came up from behind the ground and smashed them into the ground.

“I could use some ground support here guys” Black Widow said in a strangled voice. She was locked in hand to hand combat with a cyborg who had twice her strength. They struggled for a few more moments and then suddenly the cyborg collapsed. An arrow had gone straight through his eye. Black Widow looked to the roof of a nearby building and waved a thanks to Hawkeye.

“Has anyone seen Thor?” Black Widow asked in her com.

“He’s over by USF (University of San Francsico) fighting Loki” Hawkeye replied immediately. Natasha spun around as another group of cyborgs came upon her. 

“Falcon can you fly over to USF and see if you can help there? We can keep this area contained,” Captain America said, “By the way, has anyone seen Beth?”

“I’m thirty seconds out Cap” Beth’s voice replied through the coms, “Almost at Alcatraz now”

Iron Man’s low whistle came through the coms, “Loving the suit Bethy, and you said you weren’t a cheerleader”

“If you make one more comment about this uniform Stark, I will tie you to the Golden Gate Bridge with this rope.” Beth’s voice said through the coms system.

Fury had pulled her aside and presented her with a new suit before he let her fly out and join the team. On the first day with the team Fury had asked Beth what she wanted her uniform to look like. Beth had no idea at first but then opened up to Fury about how she always read Wonder Woman comics as a kid and looked up to the superhero. Fury had delivered a suit that had been modelled after Wonder Woman’s.

Beth now wore a tight red tank top with a gold W along the chest-line, and short red booty shorts. She wore gold bracelets that Stark helped design that made the fabric turn invisible when Beth did. She was also given a silver sword and a bundle of light-weight rope to fight with. In tests Beth had faired better with hand to hand combat with the sword and used the rope in a variety of ways.

When Fury handed Beth the uniform she was apprehensive. The tank top was cropped and the shorts were low-cut so her whole midsection was showing. The worst part of the outfit was they had given her a cape. A CAPE of all things! She had to quickly get over the awful suit because Loki was attacking San Francisco in full force. It was time for her to join the Avengers in her first team mission.

“Looking good Beth” Hawkeye said in a dazed voice through the coms.

“That threat goes for you too Hawkeye” Beth shot at him, “Can we please focus at the task at hand? Who needs my help?”

“Columbus and Broadway” Hulk’s grunt came through Beth’s earpiece. She flew above the buildings and landed on the ground where the two streets met. She fought a small group of cyborgs before kicking off the ground and flying further down the street. She rounded a corner and almost fell out of the air.

In front of her were a group of bodies scattered among the debris of a destroyed office building. The dead wore various business suits so Beth assumed they had fallen out of the building when Loki's army attacked it. She hurried over to check pulses and eventually realized it was a lost cause.

Just as Beth was leaving the area, one woman on the ground caught her eye. She walked up to the body carefully examining it. As she slowly moved a limp arm from the woman’s face, a sob caught in her throat. Beth placed a hand to her mouth to silence herself and blinked back tears. She wordlessly unfastened her cape and covered the woman’s body from head to toe.

As she stepped back from the body she heard a clang of metal behind her. Her blood instantly bubbled.


Beth spun around and drew her sword and rope with both hands. A massive group of cyborg’s had gathered behind her and were aiming their weapons at her. Beth kicked off from the ground and flew towards them with intense speed, dodging their blasts as she zipped through the air. She landed on the ground behind them and threw the rope out at them with her left hand. It wrapped around the cyborg’s necks and held them there as she sliced their heads off with a swing of her sword.


“Loki disappeared” Falcon’s voice came through the coms.

“What? How is that possible?” Black Widow asked.

“We’ll have to ask Thor for sure but I guess they were arguing and Thor was just about to slam his hammer on him when Loki like dissolved into air and was gone” Falcon replied landing beside her and Captain America in the middle of a pile of cyborg remains.

“Hawkeye where is Thor and Beth now?” Captain America asked, looking up at Barton’s post high on a skyscraper.

“Thor is battling a group and cyborgs at USF still.” Hawkeye answered quickly, “-Wait, part of the group is moving away….and towards Beth! She’s a few streets over and the cyborgs seem to be radiated towards her.” Hawkeye’s drawn in breath made the Avengers on the ground look skyward.

“Everyone go to Beth now!” Captain America ordered.

“Actually Cap, looks like she’s handling herself pretty well” Iron Man replied in an awed voice.

Captain America sighed in frustration then said, “Fine, split up”


“You. Wont. Kill. Anyone. Ever. AGAIN!” Beth yelled with every slash of her sword. Her tactic of the double rope and sword use was proving very well. Too well. The army of cyborgs had been drawn to her. Beth responded with a burst of energy at the thought of the dead on the streets.

“Not today jackass” She said under her breath and she sliced a cyborg in half that had come up behind her.

Rope, slice. Rope, slice. Rope, slice. The pattern drove Beth further and further into the mob until it was as normal of movement as breathing. With one last slice of her sword the group of cyborgs in front of her disappeared. Beth breathed on heavily as she used all of her senses to find another cyborg. Her ears picked up a sound of metal behind her and her blood boiled again. With intense strength she spun around and raised her sword high above her head and brought it down on the figure behind her.


Beth’s sword met equal resistance. She realized she had squeezed her eyes shut and opened them to see her new opponent. She saw a circular shield painted in red, white and blue.

“Beth?” Captain America asked, his face appearing behind the shield; a look of shock and…uneasiness washing over his face. Beth lowered her sword, gulped an awful feeling down her throat, and turned on her heels, disappearing into the sky. 

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