The Ultimate Avengers

When Loki returns with some new friends it's time to assemble the Avengers once again. How will the team work together after everyone's recent adventures? How will a few new additions to the team affect their dynamic? Relationships, friends/foes and the usual banter between teammates will all play a role in the newest battle for the Avengers
**All characters are not owned by me**
**SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after the new Captain America-Winter Soilder, Thor-Dark World, and Iron Man 3


3. Avengers of the Round Table

A young woman walked to the table, followed by Agent Hill and Falcon. She was wearing a pair of old ripped jeans and worn running shoes with a simple navy blue tank top and black jacket. Even in her bulky clothes anyone could see that she was slender, very slender. Her slightly sunburnt complexion flushed slightly as the team regarded her. She mindlessly patted down her long blonde hair that she had tied in a pony-tail at the nape of her neck. Her blue eyes nervously flicked about the room, taking everything in. Her hesitant smile grew when she saw who was in the room with her. She looked like she was meeting her most cherished celebrities for the first time.

“Ah Elizabeth, I’m glad you got here safely.” Fury said to the blonde woman. He gestured for her to stand beside him as Agent Hill and Falcon joined the others in seats by the table.

“I didn’t know we were running an Avengers day-camp program now Fury.” Tony said glancing at Elizabeth.

“I have to agree with Stark, Fury,” Thor said crossing his arms, “She doth look older than a Dvergr child from Nidavellir”

“I’m going to assume that a small child and move on,” Tony added, “Seriously Fury, she looks like she should be waving her pomp oms at NYU or something”

“Actually, The University of Kentucky is better known for their ‘pomp om cheerleading’ Mr. Stark. I have no and will not participate in such foolish activities.” Tony shut right up as Elizabeth defended herself.

“How old are you Elizabeth?” Dr. Banner asked politely.

“24” She replied promptly.

Her answer received very blank and unbelieving stares.

“Alright, alright, I’m 22. Happy now?” Elizabeth replied with a slight huff.

“Where did you find her Fury? She looks like she just crawled out of a box in a subway station downtown.” Natasha asked, not looking at Elizabeth.

Fury raised a hand, “Maybe if you all let me show you the video footage of Elizabeth and stopped asking rude questions, we could get through this and get down to the real matter at hand.” He snapped. The team shut up as ordered and looked down at the table again.

Agent Hill tapped the table a few times and pulled up a fourth video. The thumbnail was of an unknown alley way. Agent Hill had her back to the concrete of the alley way while three masked figures converged on her. She used one of the figures’ body weight against him and tackled him to the ground. As she kicked the other one against a wall, the third attacker flung a spherical object at her leg. When it hit her body, the sphere emitted greenish-blue electric pulses that encased Hill’s body and momentarily paralyzed her. She fell to the ground, slumped against the wall. The group watched tensely as the attacker walked towards the fallen Agent. Suddenly a blonde blur raced towards the attacker. In movements too fast to see, the blonde blur somehow managed to pick up the attacker and fling him against the wall. The video feed ended soon after the blonde blur moved to pick up Agent Hill and move her out of the alley.

The Avengers looked at Fury, then at Elizabeth and back again. Looks of confusion covered all their faces. Fury silently nodded to Agent Hill who clicked a few buttons. She rewound the video and slowed it down so the team could clearly see Elizabeth run towards the attacker, throw him over her shoulder, throw him up and power punch him to the wall, the cement cracking under the force. Agent Hill paused the feed as the video Elizabeth turned her head to look behind her down the alley way.

“Does that answer your questions?” Fury asked crossing his arms.

“Just one more question Sir,” Steve Rogers said, “What exactly are you powers ma'am? Super strength, speed, anything else?”

Elizabeth grimaced slightly, “I’m not quite sure to be honest, that was one of the first times I felt that power”

“Where did the power come from?” Clint Barton asked

“I don’t know” Elizabeth replied.

“Do you have them all the time or can you turn them on and off?” Dr. Banner asked.

“I don’t know” Elizabeth sighed.

“Well what do you know? Do you have any powers that can help us at all?” Natasha snapped.

“Oh I’m sorry, since when did having powers become a requirement for this team Black Widow. Hawkeye, Falcon, Agent Hill, Iron Man.” She added looking at each of them in turn.

Fury smiled from behind Elizabeth and nodded in agreement. “Alright, everyone get settled in their rooms. Dr. Banner and Stark start the preliminary research on Loki and the slime from San Francisco then head to the gym.”

“Sir?” Dr. Banner asked.

“We’re going to answer a few of your questions” Fury said turning to look down at Elizabeth. 

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