daddy is a god and i'm his girl

my father is god of the sea and my mother is a drunk. I live at a camp called camp half blood. I have lived there sense i was 10 years old. I was living with my dad but he had another kid with another woman and was turning human so my uncle Zeus said no god can see there off spring after birth. I was frozen in time by my uncle Zeus.


2. meeting percy

I woke up to screaming all over. I tried to get out of bed but something strong was holding me down then it hit me I'm in camp half blood in my ex boyfriends arms and I kinda liked it. "I know you like it so quit moving" he said I turned to face him "I need to get ready its almost time to eat" he sighed letting go of me. I hoped up and ran to get ready. "You cant tell Percy your his sister he'll. Find out when the time is right" my fauthers voice told me in my head. I ran out ready to go "Nick come on I'm starved " I yelled "hold your cheeks monk" I rolled my eyes and desided to play an old game. " I am princess of the ocean carry me to my meal " I said normally Nick cracked a smile picked me up like a bride and took me to the tables. Everyone stared at me a few knew me. Nick sat me down and went to get food. "Milking are you playing princess again" I turned around to see Mike "yes now bow down" I said knowingly cuz he bows to no one. He smiled and said "as you wish" he bowed down " I I you I cant believe " I said shocked. He then graved my hand and kissed it sending my cheeks into a fit of pink. Mike went and sat down his friends laughing at him obeying a girl. "You're obey me to if you ever battled me" I smiled. Nick set food down on the table and picked me up. He sat down puting me on his lab. "I heard a boy say
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