daddy is a god and i'm his girl

my father is god of the sea and my mother is a drunk. I live at a camp called camp half blood. I have lived there sense i was 10 years old. I was living with my dad but he had another kid with another woman and was turning human so my uncle Zeus said no god can see there off spring after birth. I was frozen in time by my uncle Zeus.


1. first day back


               Nikki's P.O.V


   I'm no longer frozen yay!!!! The door swung open and a young man walked in he looks a couple years older then me. "Nikki i'm so glad your not frozen" the boy greeted. "umm... Who are you?" i asked. he looked sad when i said this. His big smile now a frown. "oh you don't recognize me.....Well i'm Nick". My eyes went big and the most happy smile appeared on my face. "Oh Nick you look so different". He chuckled for a moment then said "Thanks lovely" I blushed like i always do when he calls me that or like i DID when he called me that. "You still blush when i call you that how cute" I smiled but then i remembered my brother is the same age as him my face went serous and i asked "What's going on with my brother?" His face dropped again. "He save the world". "Is he at camp here?" "Yes" "Dose he know about me?" "No" "Is their anything i need to know?" "Yes" "Tell me" "you have two brothers one is a Cyclops" "How old?" "same age as Percy" "I WANT TO MEET THEM" "OKAY BUT TOMORROW" with that he rapped me in him arms and we layed down  

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