My bestfriend is gone

Its not a great feeling when you move away from your best friend. And what happens when you see that person again but there famous and so are you?well let's find out


7. chapter 7

Harry pov

I guess Ally really could sing she did amazing. We all went back to our seats and waited for the Grammys to be finished. I told Ally to meet me backstage so we could catch up some. As the Grammys were about to finish there was a loud scream. Everyone looked back. The host stopped talking and looked. But there was nothing there. So he continued. We heard the same scream again and looked back. This time we saw just a bunch of kids screaming to get attention. The security came and took them away. The Grammys ended when the host said "goodnight all i hope you have a fantastic night." And with that everyone got up and started to leave.

Ally pov

Harry told me to meet him back backstage so we could catch up. When I was walking I felt someone grab my hand and covered my eyes. I screamed and kicked. But that didn't work. I was then placed on what seemed like a couch? The person then uncovered my eyes and started laughing. It was Harry! "Harry dont ever done that again!" I whispered/yelled. He just chuckled. I smiled not remembering how much I missed him.

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