My bestfriend is gone

Its not a great feeling when you move away from your best friend. And what happens when you see that person again but there famous and so are you?well let's find out


6. chapter 6

Harry's pov

Ally looked so different. I cant believe i just saw my love again. I thought i was never going to she her but i was wrong. Shes so beautiful and that smile of hers i need to get her number again so we can catch up. I was sitting with the boys when Louis said "that girl Ally shes so beautiful" I gave him a glare. "What im stating the truth no wonder you talked so much about her". Louis kept on talking but i didnt listen i was watching the t.v. because Ally was just about to preform. I've never heard her song before i guess she has always loved to sing.

Ally pov

As i waited on the stage in the dark until the lights came on i was in deep thought about Harry and the other guys he was with. I got out of the thought when my que came on. I started singing and everyone was going wild. I smiled as i sung mainly because Harry was here and was watching me i hope. As the song ended i walked off stage to be greeted my Harry and his crew. "Ally you did amazing why didn't you ever tell me you could sing?!?" Harry asked with a smile plastered on his face. "Well I've always have sung when ever i could i just never told anyone besides my parents." "Ooh" was all he said. "So are you going to introduce me to who these people are?" "Uh well i thought you would know but i guess not. This is Louis thats zayn thats Niall and thats Liam and im Harry" "ok curly i know who you are i just needed to know who they were and nice to meet you all" i said as i hugged each one of them.

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