My bestfriend is gone

Its not a great feeling when you move away from your best friend. And what happens when you see that person again but there famous and so are you?well let's find out


4. chapter 4

Harry's pov

I cant believe I just let her slip away so easily. I don't know what I'm going to do without her in my life. Everyone at school is going to ask her where she went. I don't know if im going to be able to move on.

Ally pov

3 years have passed now she is 19***

I cant believe 3 years ago i was just 16 its my 19 th birthday today!! And i still live in the same apartment. A lot has happened over the last 3 years. Like I am now a model, actor, and singer and well I do make youtube videos on my free time but it seems like i never do.

Today i went shopping for a new dress for the Grammys. It is so pretty it stops just at the knees, its strapless, and a peach coloured dress. I put on natural makeup and peach high heels to match my dress. I was so nervous about tonight. I was performing my song. A horn brought me back to reality telling me my limo was here.

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