My bestfriend is gone

Its not a great feeling when you move away from your best friend. And what happens when you see that person again but there famous and so are you?well let's find out


3. chapter 3

Ally pov

I walked up to my room and grabbed my hot pink zebra suitcase. I grabbed most of my clothes, shoes, ect. I said goodbye to my room as i walked downstairs not ready to leave. "Well I guess this is goodbye." I say. "Honey there is something we need to tell you before you go the thing is you cant come back ever again you must stay in California or somewhere in the US." My mom said. I gave her a confused look. "Look Ally I love you dearly but we cant keep you here any longer you are 16 and moving away already. Its to hard to explain." "Oh i better go then i have a plane to catch." I ran out the front door grabbing my bags never saying goodbye. I lied to them I'm leaving in 1 hour so i could spend time with Harry. I ran to Harry's door and knocked. I waited a couple of minutes and the door never opened. I left sadly. I drove to the airport which was only 20 minutes away. I had 40 minutes to just sit here and do nothing. As I sat down I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked back and you will never guess who it was. The one and only Harry Styles. "What are you doing here?" I asked in a low voice. "Did you really think that you could leave without saying goodbye." Harry said. I nodded my head no. We sat in silence until it was time to go. "Plane 332 is now boarding to San Diego, California" the announcer said. I looked at Harry and gave him a weak smile and gave him a tight hug. "Im going to miss you so much." I said in his chest. "And I'm going to miss you more." He whispered in my neck. "One last thing I love you Ally." He whispered so low I could barely hear him. And with that I went to board my plane.

The plane ride was so boring and tiring. But the view of Cali was so amazing. It was so pretty. I hauled a taxi and gave him my address to my apartment. As soon I got there i dropped my bags and took a view of the apartment. It was so big and pretty. The first thing i noticed was the big window that you could see almost everything.

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