My bestfriend is gone

Its not a great feeling when you move away from your best friend. And what happens when you see that person again but there famous and so are you?well let's find out


2. chapter 2

Ally pov

Today was the day i was moving away from my best friend. I haven't told Harry and I cant imagine his reaction. This is to much to handle right now.

"Hey. Harry I need to tell you something its really important." I said. "Sure but tell me after we finish our game of life." Harry said. "Uh well I kind of need to tell you now or we won't be able to say our goodbyes." I say as Harry gave me a worried look. "Wha-what do you mean" he stuttered. "I dont know how to tell you this but im moving." I looked down to the floor I cant look not right now. "No no you cant be you have to be joking." I looked up and saw tears at the edge of his eyes ready to come out. "I wish I was only joking but I'm not." I say sadly. "When are you leaving and where to?" He asked. "Well im leaving in 1 hour and I'll be in California." "Oh" was all he said. I left Harry alone so he could let that all get in his head. I went to my house gretting my parents. "Ally are you sure you want to do this?" My mom asked me with a sad look. "Mom, as I said like 100 times yes I'm sure. I want to do this and I need to." I say looking at my sad parents. "Okay but please promise me you won't do anything stupid. Live your dream became that singer you have always wanted to be. I know you will make it through everything." My mom and dad say. "I promise i need to go and finish packing up".

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