The Admirer

Just a regular girl who happens to be friends with the largest boy band in the world, but when someone unexpected comes into her life that's when it will change forever.


2. The Note

Alyson's POV

The next morning I woke up with a smile remembering the amazing day I had with the guys.  I got up and headed out of my room, when I was pulled into the bathroom.  "Miss me?" I heard a familiar voice say, I quickly turn around to see my brother Zen.  He had left for the military over two years ago. 

"Zen, you're back!" I says going in for a hug, he returned it.

"I am, and I got something for you," he releases me and takes off one of his dog tags, putting it around my neck.  I lifted it up to see what is said.  It read: "The best little sister ever...  ~Zen"

"I love it," I told him.

"Where's dad?"  He asked me, come to think of it, I don't even remember him coming home last night.

"I'm not sure, I must've fallen asleep before he got home.  You could check his room."  He smiled and left.

I finished getting ready and went downstairs to see if they were down there.  I got halfway down the stairs and noticed that Zen was sitting on the couch blankly staring at a wall.  "Are you okay?"  I ask him slowly walking down the remainder of the steps.  He turned his head revealing his puffy red eyes, he was crying. 

"Dad's not coming home," he tells me.  I walk over and sat next to him, there was a crumpled up piece of paper in him fist.

"What do you mean he's not coming home?"  I ask him, my voice shaking.  He looked down at the paper, a tear fell on his hand.  "Zen, you're starting to worry me, what do you mean he's not coming home?"  I say again, choking down tears.  He slowly handed me the paper, it was a death note.  My dad is dead!  I look at it, unable to cry, we sit in silence.


Niall's POV

"Mum, we're going to go see Alyson!"  I yell into the house, hearing a faint "okay" as a response and head out the door.  We approach her house when we see her sitting on the porch.  Once she saw us coming down the street, she waited till we were at the bottom pf the stairs before she ran to me, I wrap her in a hug.  "Alyson, what happened?"  I ask when she started crying.

"He's gone, he's just gone."  She tells me.  My thoughts first went to Zen, who suddenly walked out onto the porch, then I knew.  I didn't know how to respond so I just held her tighter allowing her to cry into my shoulder.  The boys were standing behind us, with their heads down, not knowing what else to do fore they have never even met her dad.

"How about this, let's go on a walk, just the two of us?"  She looked at me and nodded, whipping away tears.  "Guys, you should go back to the house and finish packing, I'll be back later."  They nodded and turned to go.

After walking for a while, we ended up going to the pond.  We sat on the edge of the dock with our feet in the water.  It was peaceful.  Alyson had her head on my shoulder and my arm around her back.  "When do you guys leave?"  She asks breaking the silence.

"We were scheduled to go today, we were coming over to say goodbye, but I'm not going anywhere now, not until you are okay." 

"No, I want you to go.  Don't go cancelling shows because of me.  You would disappoint so many fans, do you really want to do that?"  I asked him.

"It's not you're choice, the other boys will go and tell the fans that I had a family emergency.  I'm staying here no matter what you say."  I could feel her smile, which made me smile.  At least when I do leave she'll have Zen to watch over her.



Author's note

how are you guys liking this so far?



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