The Admirer

Just a regular girl who happens to be friends with the largest boy band in the world, but when someone unexpected comes into her life that's when it will change forever.


1. Reunion

Alyson's POV

*Beep beep*

I slap my alarm clock to silence it and sit up.  Every mornings the same, get up, brush teeth, eat, then head to school.  I got to school 10 minutes before I had to get to class.  When I get to my locker I take out a piece of paper that had the combo on it.  5-13-41, and it opened.  A note fell to the floor, it read:


I've been watching you for quite a while now and I've got to say, I like what I see.  I give you one week to figure out who I am.  Can you do it?


I folded the note up and stuck it in my back pocket.  All day I tried to figure it out, looking by all corners, and to anyone who looks suspicious.  I've been going to school with the same people for the past 3 years, I think I would know if anyone had a crush like this on me. 

On my walk home, I tried to walk straight but I couldn't help but feel like someone was following me.  I walked up to my front porch and stop at the steps.  "Hey, what are you doing here?"  I ask walking up the steps. 

"Do I have to have a reason for visiting my best friend?" Niall asks pulling me in for a hug.

"Um, yea for someone who has been gone for a whole year, only calling me once."   I say returning the hug.  Ever since he auditioned for the X-Factor, he went on touring with four boys now knows as One Direction.  "How long have you been home for?"

"Only a couple of weeks, mum wanted me to spend time with family before telling I was home.  she didn't trust anyone knowing just yet."  he explained.

"Then we should get you inside," I tell him unlocking the door.

"That's what I forgot to tell you, the boys are at my place and..." he stops.

"You want me to meet them don't you." I say, he just smiled, "fine, let me put my stuff inside." I tell him opening the door, throwing my bag on the couch, grab my key, and head back to the door.  To my surprise there stood Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. "I thought you were at Niall's". 

"We got bored, so we followed Niall here."  Louis explained. 

"We've been stuck in the same house for the same house for weeks."  Zayn added. I suggested a walk and they all nodded, letting me all ahead of them. 

"Oh by the way boys, this is Alyson."  Niall states to the boys.

I lead them in the direction of where Niall and I met.  From that moment, that spot was our spot.  Instead of going down the path Niall keeps walking and takes us further up the road, I didn't argue and continued walking.  "So does this spot have any special meaning to either of you guys?"  Louis asks.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well normally when someone lives in the same place for a long time they develop a place where they could just escape al the madness of the world.  Where is that place?" Harry explains.

"Well this is just a park."  Niall tells them, "but we do have a place around here" he continued.

"Why don't we go there instead?"  Liam states, the boys all look to me and Niall for an answer, but I look to Niall for an answer, he nods.  I trust him and follow him back down the path, instead of turning into our spot he kept walking.  I slowed down hoping no one would notice, and sped up when I saw what he was doing.  "Wait she slowed down, this must be it."  Zayn stated.

"Dammit," I mumbled turning around.  Niall turned and jokingly glared at me.  I nudged him, and lead them down the path.  We walked through many trees that blocked the spot.  As we come up to the last few trees I could see the front of the pond.  "AAAHHH", I scream as I'm thrown into in.  I resurface and see that Niall was standing on the dock smiling.  "You're so dead!"  I joke.

"You're already in the water?"  Harry asks. 

"Talk to Niall about that," I say walking out.

"So what's so special about this place?"  Liam asks taking a seat next to me. 

"This is where I first met Niall, we've made so many memories here."


"Over here!"  I yell to Brooke across the way.  She kicks me the ball to me but it went way over my head and into the woods behind me.  "I'll get it."  I tell her before walking down the path towards the ball.  I walk a ways down the path before finally being able to see the ball, walking to it I fell to the ground.  "Ow," I stated holding my head. 

"Are you alright?"  I hear someone ask, he comes up to me extending his hand.  I take it and he helps me up.  "I am never going to play Frisbee again, promise."  I couldn't help but laugh, it made him smile.  "I'm Niall," he tells me.

"I'm Alyson," I say smiling.

(End of flashback)

"What type of memories?"  he asks.

"Like Niall hitting me in the head with a Frisbee."  I told him which made every one laugh.  We sit and watch Louis, Harry, and Niall throw each other in the pond, while Zayn sat on the dock and watched.  Me and Liam sat, laughing and messing with each other.  "Why doesn't Zayn go in the water?"  I ask.

"Um, yea, he can't swim."  He tells me.

"Ah, I see."  I say smiling.  He looks back at me and we start laughing.  "C'mon," I say pulling him towards the others.  Liam grabs me, holding me still. 

"Guys, come help!"  He yells as Niall and Louis run out of the water.  They all pick me up and carry me to the end of the dock.

"No!"  I yell as they toss me in and they jump in after me.  I splash some water at Zayn.  I was pulled under by Harry, he smiled at him under that water.  "I have to get home before my dad, I've got to go."

"Do you really?"  Louis asks putting on a fake pouty lip.

"Um yes, you don't know my dad, Niall once got me home 2 minutes late and I wasn't aloud out of the house for 10 weeks."  I warn them, I turn to Niall to see him nodding.

"I wasn't able to see her except at school.  It was horrible."

"We'd better get you home then."  Zayn said helping me out of the water and onto the dock.  We all head back up to the road.  Hearing screams we all turn and notice a group of girls running up to us.  Snapping pics, it was amazing they didn't fall.  The boys never stopped and neither did I.  "Should you guys be out here?  you know in the open?"  I ask them.

"Just as long as we don't get mobbed," Niall states.  As we continue down the road more and more girls come out and watch as there idols walk down the road.  We stop at the base of the stairs, "So will you I see you guys tomorrow?"  I ask hugging them.

"Definitely, but you can't tell anyone we're here, ok?"  Niall responds, I hug him the longest.

"It's good to have you back," I tell him.

"It's good to be back."  He said releasing me, turning back I head up the stairs and up to the door.  I turned around to see that they were still standing there.  I opened the door and sat on the couch.  Looking at my bag I remember the note.  Who could it be?


*Author's note*

Please feel free to comment anything you think I need to improve on, I will try to update this as much as possible ;)


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